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The Best IngRound trampoline, designed with safety in mind.

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Be Safe and Secure

Easy Install & Setup

Long-Term Investment

Putting a trampoline in the ground? Do it right the first time.

From cinder blocks, to unprotected dirt walls, to railroad ties, we have seen just about every "home made" attempt to put a trampoline in the ground.  Unfortunately, this often causes more damage, creates danger and is a headache for homeowners. The good news is that there is a better way! Introducing, the Trampolines Down Under trampolines and patented retaining wall solution. If you are looking for the complete setup, the Trampolines Down Under bundle is a great option that includes everything you will need to have an in-ground  trampoline.

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Save money and be safe with the TDU In-Ground Trampoline

Reduce the chance of it becoming airborne

Putting a trampoline inground will reduce the chance of it ever becoming airborne during periods of high wind.

Save money from watering your lawn

Putting a trampoline inground will reduce the chance of it ever becoming airborne during periods of high wind.

Avoid falling from your trampoline

In-ground trampolines remove the concerns of jumpers falling from an above-ground system. TDU also sales a safety net enclosure system for extra protection if required.

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Ensure you have a quality bounce when you trampoline.

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Designed ,engineered and Patented a REVOLUTIONARY safety pad that allows PROPER AIRFLOW

Light weight, durable Polyethylene molding, with a patented self locking buckle system

The BEST IN-GROUND SPECIFIC Trampoline on the Market!

How It Works

Prepare your area and make sure that you have enough room for the trampoline system. It's recommended to leave ample space around the trampoline. If your trampoline is near objects you may consider the enclosure safey system.

Order your TDU trampolone online. Prepare the area by following the installation instructions. We are happy to help if you have any questions about the digging or installation process.

Once your trampoline is installed and the kids are jumping, sit back and relax, you've earned it! Keep the trampoline clear of debris and hard objects. Practice safe jumping and enjoy!


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