Safety Enclosure Net Systems for Trampolines

To enhance our customers’ safety, offers high-quality safety enclosures and trampoline nets, available in various sizes.
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  • Avyna Curved Pole Safety Enclosure Net System
    Avyna Pro Line
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    $ 400
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    $ 400
  • 10x17' Safety Enclosure System for Rectangle Pro-Line Avyna
    Avyna Pro Line
    Sale price
    $ 500
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    $ 500
  • Replacement Net for Avyna Round Enclosure
    Avyna Pro Line
    Sale price
    $ 169
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    $ 169
  • 10x14' Safety Enclosure System for Rectangle Pro-Line Avyna Trampoline
    Avyna Pro Line
    Sale price
    $ 500
    Regular price
    $ 500

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The build quality of the product is incredible.

We just finished setting up our new trampoline and we couldn't be more pleased. The build quality of the product is incredible. The online setup video on YouTube was really helpful.

Dana J. - Verified Customer

This trampoline is excellent quality for the price!

This trampoline is excellent quality for the price! We are extremely impressed! My husband installed it himself. The process went rather quickly once the hole was dug. This seems so much safer than a traditional trampoline and is more aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend!

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All of our expectations have been exceeded.

All of our expectations have been exceeded with our purchase from It was delivered quickly, I was easy and quick to assemble, and we LOVE that the entire family can trust it's durability.

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We loved the idea of an in ground trampoline. We searched everywhere for the right quality and look. So glad we found this. You can install it yourself. It's nice not worrying about it blowing in storms. It looks so much better than a regular trampoline and inground is a much safer option. My kids love it.

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I purchased the 14’ proline trampoline for our kids for Christmas! They absolutely love it. Love that it is pleasing to the eye.

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We bought two of the trampoline systems. They are easy to Install and my kids (and the neighbor kids) love them.

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What is a trampoline safety enclosure?

A trampoline safety enclosure is an accessory part to a trampoline that acts as a safety system preventing jumpers from falling off the trampoline or causing damage to the frame. A safety encore kit includes poles and net. Various entry systems can also be part of the design of the trampoline safety enclosure for round and rectangular trampolines enclosure and can be made with velcro, zippers, or other materials.

They were invented in the late 90’s and by 2006, 80% of trampolines were shipped with a safety enclosure. They are a recommended, but optional part or accessory to the trampoline. They are a great idea for families with children and can prevent severe injury.

Trampoline safety nets can be installed on both in ground and above ground trampolines. They are also available for all shapes including rectangle, round, and octagon trampolines. Safety enclosures are less common for in ground trampolines because of their ground level height. If your trampoline is close to an object such as a fence, concrete or tree you might want an safety enclosure system on your in ground trampoline. It’s recommended to have at least 6’ from any hard object around your in ground trampoline without an enclosure installed

Are trampoline safety nets universal?

Some trampoline safety nets can be considered “universal” and some trampoline safety nets are brand specific. Two determining factors for all safety net enclosure systems are size and shape.

For example, some safety nets can be installed on various brands of trampolines but the shape of the trampoline, as well as the size, does matter. You won’t be able to install a safety net or safety enclosure intended for a rectangle trampoline on a round trampoline and vice versa. Universal trampoline nets have a stretchy characteristic that allows them to be installed on various trampoline brands if the size and shape are correct

That being said, trampoline safety enclosures can also be brand specific and therefore not at all universal -  like the Avyna safety pole enclosure net system. Brand specific safety enclosures can sometimes be more visually appealing, and may have specific features tailored to the trampoline like exposing the trampoline pads or a unique entry system.

Recently, more and more American families have seen amazing benefits of having a trampoline in their yard. Kids never seem to lose their enthusiasm for them, while parents have found a new form of fun, low-impact exercise.

Have fun – Stay Safe

With more people using them, safety should be a top concern for parents. Thankfully, accidents, falls and injuries are rare, but at, we want to eliminate all risks and keep families as safe as possible while using our products.

Dedicated to the promotion of trampoline safety, we can provide advice and support regarding safety guidelines and safety features, like high-quality safety enclosures and trampoline nets.

The most important aspect of trampoline safety is making sure that your kids understand the basic rules to avoid common accidents. Your second line of defense is a safety enclosure for round, rectangular and octagonal trampolines that protects them from a particular kind of accident.

Buy Your Safety Enclosures from

Whether your trampoline is above ground or at ground level, for the safest experience we highly recommend a safety enclosure for your trampoline. We offer enclosures for all of our 12-foot, 14-foot, and 16-foot models. We also offer a USA-made enclosure that fits our 14-foot model only.

If you want high-quality trampoline safety enclosures and nets, get yours today from Have fun – stay safe.