Safety Enclosures for Trampolines

Recently, more and more American families have seen amazing benefits of having a trampoline in their yard. Kids never seem to lose their enthusiasm for them, while parents have found a new form of fun, low-impact exercise.

Have fun – Stay Safe

With more people using them, safety should be a top concern for parents. Thankfully, accidents, falls and injuries are rare, but at, we want to eliminate all risks and keep families as safe as possible while using our products.

Dedicated to the promotion of trampoline safety, we can provide advice and support regarding safety guidelines and safety features, like high-quality safety enclosures.

The most important aspect of trampoline safety is making sure that your kids understand the basic rules to avoid common accidents. Your second line of defense is a safety enclosure that protects them from a particular kind of accident.

Buy Your Safety Enclosures from

Whether your trampoline is above ground or at ground level, for the safest experience we highly recommend a safety enclosure for your trampoline. We offer enclosures for all of our 12-foot, 14-foot, and 16-foot models. We also offer a USA-made enclosure that fits our 14-foot model only.

If you want high-quality safety enclosures, get yours today from Have fun – stay safe.