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14' Avyna Pro-Line Inground Installation Videos

How to Assemble Our Round Above Ground Trampolines

What can I do to care for my trampoline, so that it will last?

Our backyard trampolines are designed to handle the elements. However, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your trampoline. If you live in a northern climate where there is snow, we recommend you take it down in the winter (see below). Also, keep your trampoline clean. We recommend you wash the frame pad & jump bed a few times a year with a mild soap & water. After cleaning, spray the frame pad (spring cover), and the yellow vinyl outer ring of the jump bed with Formula 303®. Formula 303 is similar to Armor All®, with the exception that it contains a UV treatment. We recommend you use this formula once a month. Keep your trampoline away from an open fire, and cover your trampoline during the 4th of July! One weakness ALL trampolines suffer from is hot ashes landing on the jump bed. This will burn a hole in your trampoline immediately. If you live in an area susceptible to high winds, we recommend you purchase one of our anchor kits to prevent it from flipping over. Quite often we receive insurance quotes right after strong storms. Your trampoline is like a sail in high winds, and can easily flip over when the winds exceed 40 – 50 mph.

It snows where I live. Should I take it down?

We recommend you take it down, unless it will be used during the winter. The main issue with keeping a trampoline up during the winter is the weight of the snow, not the cold. A heavy, wet snow piling up on your trampoline can easily exceed 1,000 lbs, exceeding the resting tear limit of your trampoline. If you choose to keep it up in the winter, it is crucial you sweep off the snow with a broom. DO NOT USE A SNOW SHOVEL! A snow shovel will rip right through your jump bed. If the trampoline is not being used, take it down to increase the life expectancy. We recommend you take down the frame pad, jump bed, and springs. These items will store easily in your home or garage. You can keep the frame up in the winter. Store your jump bed in a sealed box, and put mothballs in and around it. Mice WILL eat your jump bed & frame pad. If you have an enclosure, you can either disassemble the entire unit, or just take down the netting, and slide the foam pads up over the poles. Leave the metal poles on, and take down everything that is not metal.

How to Assemble Enclosures Packaged With Our Trampolines

Can you tell me more about the safety enclosures?

We ship all of our trampoline "ultimate packages" with safety enclosures from Jump Sport (unless you choose our USA model enclosure - 14 foot only). Jump Sport is currently the leader in producing quality safety enclosures. All of their enclosures are rated for a 200+ person to jump into, and are backed with a 1-year warranty. Please note that Jump Sport enclosures are not made in the USA (only the backyard trampolines we sell are made in the USA).

How to measure your trampoline?

Use the guide here to help you determine how to measure your current trampoline for replacement parts. If you are ordering a custom replacement jump bed, we will need these measurements to process your order. And if you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!