In-Ground vs Above Ground Trampolines

An outdoor trampoline is a great option for good old family fun. There are many benefits to owning a trampoline, and hours spent on a trampoline can help with fitness, developing motor skills, and getting enjoyment out of life.

Whether you are purchasing your first trampoline, or are an experienced buyer it's good to know the different benefits when comparing in-ground vs above ground trampolines.

Installation: Can you install a trampoline yourself?

Above ground trampolines are much easier to install and get up and running. Setting one up involves much less planning. Picking a location isn't as tough as there is less to plan around and there aren't any modifications that you would necessarily need to make in your yard.

On the other hand, an in-ground trampoline has a lot of pre-work that needs to be done but the results are worth the extra effort. Plus we'll be your guides to help you along the way. Choosing a flat level area that is big enough to accommodate the trampoline, digging a hole, and setting it up correctly so that maintenance is easier is all a part of the installation process.

There are a few important factors to take note of. With an in-ground trampoline, you have to make sure that drainage is working properly, you have good soil (basically not clay), and that there is no space between the ground and the trampoline.

It is quite common for a person to call a private landscaper in order to complete an in-ground installation due to the effort - however it is possible to do it yourself for the first time if you are able to follow our simple installation instructions.

There are several steps involved with installing an in-ground trampoline including assembling the frame, digging the hole, setting the frame in the hole, and assembling the pads.

Investment & Cost: Is an in-ground trampoline worth it?

In-ground trampolines are ultimately a larger investment both in upfront costs and installations. However installing an in-ground trampoline is definitely worth it as all the benefits offer a great payoff for the entire family. Landscapers that provide high-quality professional trampoline installation services that are affordable can be found in all areas across the USA.

There are extensions and additions you can make to improve the performance of the in-ground trampoline. These include things like piping, and drainage, and optional landscaping designs to accompany your installation. The options are endless, but the end results will leave you with your dream backyard that will create memories for many years to come.

Experience: Does Airflow Affect Jump Height?

Airflow underneath a trampoline mat affects the jump height in some instances because it can create a cushion-like experience that can dull the jump. That being said, modern in-ground trampolines are so well-engineered that the difference between in-ground and above ground bounce can be considered negligible with some i-ground trampoline models.

Brands like Avyna and TDU specifically account for airflow in their design. For example, great airflow is achieved by Avyna with breathable mats, and TDUs special vented pads. Trampolines designed with better airflow allow the mat to sit lower and ultimately thrust you up higher, and increase safety by eliminating the urge to vent an in-ground trampoline by digging around its perimeter.

Trampoline Airflow

Of course, above ground trampolines get all the airflow they need by simply being in an elevated position where the air can travel freely.

Safety: which trampoline type is safer?

Even though it might seem like common sense that an in-ground trampoline would be safer than above ground trampoline, the answer is that it's complicated and it doesn't really matter in the way that both have their own pitfalls - for lack of a better term. That being said, many people find an in-ground kit to be a safer experience.

For example, it is true that it's possible to fall from a much higher height on an above ground trampoline, but at the same time, you can still injure yourself from landing on the ground with an in-ground setup.

In either scenario, it's always better to get a trampoline with an enclosure to provide extra safety precautions.

Visual Appearance

In-ground trampolines are much more visually appealing than their above ground counterparts. They don't block any views within the yard and the metal frame is underground, keeping it from being exposed. In-ground trampolines just flat out look much nicer, and in that way alone they can add value to your home. It's also more secure and will not flip over in high winds or storms, which can be an annoyance that could potentially cause damage to any structures in your backyard.

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