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Don't just take our word for it - listen to what our happy customers have to say about our products and service!

"We absolutely love the trampoline we got from Our son got his first trampoline when he was 6 years old. He would jump on the trampoline every day for hours. We were thrilled because it was the only exercise he got (he didn't enjoy sports). We had to replace the trampoline every couple years because the springs would always stretch out and the guarantee covered pretty much everything else except the springs. We thought it was normal because he used it so much so we just kept replacing the trampoline. When he was a sophomore in high school and weighed 150 pounds the trampoline we bought him only lasted 3 months. The next trampoline we bought we spent about $500 in order to support his weight but it too stretched out after 6 months. We told him we couldn't keep buying trampolines and he would have to go without. Then he started gaining weight. This was a big problem. I started looking on the internet for trampolines that guaranteed their springs. I knew my husband was worried about the price but we were worried about his weight gain more and decided that, since the springs were guaranteed, we would give it a try. He has had the same trampoline ever since. We have never had a single spring stretch out. He has just come home from his sophomore year of college and, yes, he still jumps on the trampoline every single day. And, yes, the trampoline has held up perfectly. I wish I had known about when he was 6 years old. I would have saved myself a ton of money. All I can say is trampolines are worth every single penny!!!"

- Katherine, Maryland

"We our very happy with our trampoline! It's still in excellent condition and we have had it about 6 years. My children are 17 and 21 and still use it and love it!"

- Keith, New Jersey

"Love our trampoline. I bought this for my granddaughter who was 5 at the time. My wife and I are in our sixties and we use it,too. of course when we have get-togethers, everyone uses it. It is so easy to dismantle for winter weather here and western Pennsylvania, and is a snap to put back together in the spring. The directions for installation were great. Would recommend to everyone."

- Edward, Pennsylvania

"Great product, heavy duty. Simple to set up and gets a lot of use! Thank you."

- Tami, Washington

"My 13-year old son and all of his seventh grade friends agree that our trampoline is the best one in the neighborhood, and has the best bounce, even after four seasons.  With the kids getting bigger every year, I don't worry about the trampoline being able to withstand the increased weight."

- Jill, Minnesota

"We've had our 14 foot round trampoline for four years and it still looks wonderful.  It has seen nearly daily use in sun rain and even snow!  We looked hard to find American made and it was worth the search and every penny.  There is not a spot of rust, warping or stretched springs and the jump bed looks great.  Wee look forward to many more years on this trampoline!"

- Emily, Michigan

"This is a great trampoline. Super sturdy and weatherproof, much like the ones I grew up with before the cheap models they sell now. Definitely worth the extra cost!"

- Brent, Ohio

"Great, high quality product, built to perform well and last.  Our kids have loved it!"

- Brent, New York

"We have had our trampoline for about a year now and it gets used daily by at least one member of our family. It also endured its first Buffalo winter flawlessly. We couldn't be happier with our investment."

- Kelly, New York

"We purchased the 16 ft trampoline two years ago and love it!! The quality is amazing and nothing even looks like it has weathered at all!!"

- Caroline, Oklahoma

"We love our trampoline purchase! Ordering was a breeze. Delivery was on time. And the kids haven't stopped jumping!"

- Christie, Florida

"We needed to replace our used trampoline three years ago. We.  Purchased our new 16 foot trampoline from and have been thrilled with the quality and action of it.   We leave it out both winter and summer in Maine and after a couple years it looks and works as good as new."

- Alexandra, Maine

"We wanted a trampoline made in the USA. The quality is far superior to the big box trampolines our friends and family have. We would certainly recommend your product to others."

- Doris, Indiana

"We live in a very windy area.  Our last trampoline blew away and was twisted like a pretzel.  The trampoline we purchased from has survived 3 windy seasons and is still in excellent condition.  We are pleased with our purchase."

- Mickey, Washington

"I needed a new top for my trampoline; I did not know the model or anything about it. They stepped me through how to do measurements and figure everything out. they were extremely helpful!!"

- Michael, Missouri

"Purchased a replacement mat and spring covers as the original ones life was up. (12 years in the Nevada sun!) I was given the trampoline to my daughter and grandsons so wanted to start out with a new mat and spring cover. They are loving their new trampoline and the kids love the colors."

- Stacy, Oregon

"Our friends have a trampoline they ordered from your company and they raved about it so when we were looking we knew where to look. The quality is unlike any other. Withstands all four seasons without rusting or weathering. Our children's safety is priority and our trampoline gives us peace of mind. Highly recommend!"

- Robert, Tennessee

"This has made a great addition to the family activities. Wonderful quality that sustained a tough Northeast winter. The kids say it is even more bouncier since the winter."

- Michelle, New York

"This is a great trampoline. Super sturdy and weatherproof, much like the ones I grew up with before the cheap models they sell now. Definitely worth the extra cost!"

- Brent, Ohio

"We installed ours as an in ground trampoline and love it. We leave it out all winter in New England with all the heavy snow, and it amazingly looks great!  No worse for the wear!!"

- Nicole, Massachusetts

"We ordered a new mat and pad for our trampoline. The items were of exceptional quality and delivered on time. We are very happy with the purchase."

- Mark, Minnesota

"In a world full of empty promises, delivered. I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. Thanks again."

- Cesar, New York

"I bought a 16 ft. netted trampoline from this website and I'm very pleased with the shape it is in."

- Ira, California