Will an In-ground Trampoline Blow Away?

Trampolines can definitely be pretty heavy, sometimes weighing up to 300lbs or more. But that won’t matter during the perfect storm. That is because with the right amount of wind, there is always the potential that a trampoline could suddenly begin to fly away.

In fact, if the winds are high enough, it’s possible that your trampoline could cause serious damage to items that you have in your yard. Furthermore, if you’re hit with a flying trampoline it could cause a serious injury and even potentially be deadly. But is this something you have to be worried about if you purchase an in-ground trampoline kit?

A Major Benefit of an In-Ground Trampoline

There are many payoffs to investing in an in-ground trampoline. One of the main things you should consider when evaluating above ground vs in-ground trampolines is how secure and safe they are.

Will an in-ground trampoline blow away during a storm?

A major benefit of an in-ground trampoline is that it will not blow away during a storm. Therefore, the best option to prevent a trampoline from blowing away, is to purchase an in-ground trampoline in the first place!

Can trampolines blowing away become a real problem? Absolutely. If your trampoline isn't securely anchored, it can easily blow away. What many people don’t realize is how often trampolines pick up and fly away, and the fact that they can actually cause devastating injuries, destruction to a residential yard, and even life-threatening situations. Installing an in-ground trampoline completely eliminates this issue.


Even during devastating storms This feature is one of the perks you get by putting in the extra effort of installing an in-ground trampoline. Although it’s easy to anchor your trampoline, you’ll never have to worry about it flying away if you choose an in-ground setup.

Retaining Walls - The Second Best Option

The second best option to prevent your trampoline from blowing away is to purchase a retaining wall for an above ground trampoline. This will allow you to sink your above ground trampoline into the ground. A good retaining wall kit will come with both the wall, and vented pads included. Additionally, it will be able to fit a variety of different round trampoline sizes.

Other Benefits of an In-ground Trampoline

Of course there are many other benefits of investing in an in-ground trampoline. Some of these include the fact that they are more visually appealing, are safer in terms of the distance to the ground, and come with the latest technology in trampolines (including vented pads that make for quality jump heights).

Of course, if purchasing an in-ground trampoline is out of the question, you can always purchase a trampoline anchor kit. A good anchor kit should keep your above ground trampoline securely fastened to the ground, and you can even add sand bags to decrease the likelihood of it blowing away.

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