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  • Springfree® Medium Oval Trampoline

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  • Springfree FlexrHoop
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Reviews From Happy Jumpers

The build quality of the product is incredible.

We just finished setting up our new trampoline and we couldn't be more pleased. The build quality of the product is incredible. The online setup video on YouTube was really helpful.

Dana J. - Verified Customer

This trampoline is excellent quality for the price!

This trampoline is excellent quality for the price! We are extremely impressed! My husband installed it himself. The process went rather quickly once the hole was dug. This seems so much safer than a traditional trampoline and is more aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend!

Sara - Verified Customer

All of our expectations have been exceeded.

All of our expectations have been exceeded with our purchase from trampolines.com. It was delivered quickly, I was easy and quick to assemble, and we LOVE that the entire family can trust it's durability.

Jeff D. - Verified Customer

My kids love it.

We loved the idea of an in ground trampoline. We searched everywhere for the right quality and look. So glad we found this. You can install it yourself. It's nice not worrying about it blowing in storms. It looks so much better than a regular trampoline and inground is a much safer option. My kids love it.

Sean G. - Verified Customer

Trampolines.com is the best company.

Trampolines.com is the best company and has the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure in which to deal. We have 7 grandchildren (oldest is 10). The trampoline is such a wonderful addition to our playground. It is used and loved more than any other portion of the play area. Even the 2 year olds love it! The adults have their share of fun on it as well.

Louise A. - Verified Customer

This tramp is awesome.

This tramp is awesome. Our kids absolutely love it. It’s really big, and you can tell that it’s high quality. Feels like it will last forever. I’m a big guy, and I can comfortably jump on it, and feel like it supports my weight really well. The price is worth it! It’s one of those “buy once” purchases because it will last forever.

Garrett M. - Verified Customer

They absolutely love it.

I purchased the 14’ proline trampoline for our kids for Christmas! They absolutely love it. Love that it is pleasing to the eye.

Kayla - Verified Customer

My kids (and the neighbor kids) love them.

We bought two of the trampoline systems. They are easy to Install and my kids (and the neighbor kids) love them.

Jake N. - Verified Customer

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Focused on the Customer

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Benefits of a Springless Trampoline

There are many benefits to purchasing a Springfree trampoline. Each trampoline comes with great documentation for installation as well as a few other manuals. 

Ultimately, Springfree trampolines are a the safest option for those that are looking for the best above-ground trampoline experience possible for their children. 

How Do Springless Trampolines Work?

It took the creator of the spring free trampoline 15 years to make. As an engineering student, he believed that engineering is taking the great forces of nature for the good and benefit of mankind. After a conversation with his wife about purchasing a trampoline for their children, he decided to put his engineering skills to use and create a brand new springless trampoline.

And it took quite a bit of engineering to complete the springless trampoline. After-all, the design of a springless trampoline is much more complicated than a conventional trampoline. For example, composite rods that the trampolines use for bounce cost many times more than the traditional steel springs (that’s because they need to have a long fatigue life).

How are Springfree Trampolines safer?

The most notable feature is the absence of springs in Springfree trampolines. Instead of springs, Springfree trampolines use flexible composite rods beneath the jumping surface to provide bounce. This eliminates the risk of pinching or trapping body parts within the springs, which is a common cause of injury in traditional trampolines.

Additionally, Springfree trampolines have no hard edges or sharp metal parts that can cause cuts or bruises. The frame is made of galvanized steel and has a smooth, curved design to reduce the risk of injury.

Although we find both conventional and springless trampolines to both be great choices, here are a few qualities of a spring free trampoline that make them a bit safer.

  • The pads of a traditional trampoline do not attach to the mat themselves. This means that a person’s foot could easily slide underneath the pad. In a perfect world, you’d want the pads to be attached to the mat.
  • Poles on the safety enclosures of traditional trampolines are made of steel and it’s possible that the padding layer is quite thin. The poles on the Springfree trampoline poles are well away from the actual net itself. 
  • If you come down on a spring free trampoline pole, it’s flexible and it will move away.

Why We Love Springfree Trampolines?

Springfree trampolines are designed with safety as the top priority. These trampolines have been specifically engineered to address common concerns and risks associated with traditional trampolines, while still providing an enjoyable bouncing experience for users of all ages.

Innovative Design

Springfree trampolines have a unique enclosure system that uses flexible net rods instead of rigid poles. This creates a safe and sturdy barrier around the jumping area without any dangerous gaps or hard surfaces for jumpers to collide with.

The mat on these trampolines is also UV resistant and water repellent, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh weather conditions. In fact, Springfree trampolines are so well-constructed that they come with an impressive 10-year warranty on all major components.

Customizable Options

In addition to their safety features and innovative design, Springfree trampolines also offer customization options for customers. These include various sizes and shapes to fit different backyard spaces, as well as add-ons like basketball hoops for even more fun activities.

How is the Springfree Jump height?

There’s no need for the fun police. Although not as high as humanly possible on a conventional trampoline, the Springfree trampoline offers a  smooth, non-jarring bounce.That being said, for safety reasons, you still may want to lay some groundwork for your children on whether or not they should be doing flips on the trampoline.

Overall, Springfree trampolines provide a safer and more enjoyable bouncing experience compared to traditional trampolines. With their unique design, top-of-the-line materials, and customizable options, they are a popular choice for families looking for a safe way to have fun and stay active outdoors. So if you're in the market for a trampoline that prioritizes safety without sacrificing fun, consider choosing a Springfree trampoline. Your family's well-being will thank you! Check out Trampolines.com to find Springfree trampolines for sale.