Best In-Ground Trampolines

The search is on for America’s best in-ground trampoline of 2024. There are many contenders out there, and has picked the best of the best in in-ground trampolines. Here we will go over the top options to help you decide what’s best for your family. We will look at various sizes and shapes to suit your needs. 

Avyna 14’ Pro-Line In-Ground Flat Line Trampoline

A new release for 2024, the Avyna 14’ Pro-Line In-Ground Flat Line Trampoline is one of the top contenders for families looking for a safety-first, fun, in-ground trampoline option. This trampoline comes from the Netherlands, and offers European engineering quality that you won’t find in any other trampoline. The manufacturer has thought of everything with a breathable jump pad and mat, no retaining wall or kit required, and a lifetime warranty on the frame. You truly can’t go wrong with the 14’ Pro-Line In-Ground Flat Line Trampoline. 

Best Inground Trampolines 2021

Avyna 10 x 17 Rectangular in-ground trampoline

Another great option from the same manufacturer and a new release in 2023 from Avyna, is the 10 x 17 Rectangular in-ground trampoline. This trampoline comes with an installation kit that includes a retaining wall system for the frame. The large size and rectangular shape are perfect for athletes or older kids who want a higher bounce and more jumping space. The vented jump mat is also made for maximum air flow, which is essential when installing a trampoline in-ground. What about a safety enclosure? The beauty of this and other inground trampolines on our list, is that a safety net is not required since the jumpers will be so much closer to ground level. However if you do feel like a safety enclosure is best for your needs, they are available to add-on for this trampoline. 

10x14 TDU Capital Play in ground trampoline

Similar to the 10x17 Avyna Rectangle trampoline is the 10x14 TDU Capital Play in ground trampoline. While not as big the 10x14 Capital Play trampoline is a great trampoline if you are limited on space. Included with the trampoline is the TDU patented vented pad which allows for added airflow and reduces noise from the safety pad slapping on the springs. If you are also interested in adding the safety net enclosure for the 10x14 TDU Capital Play in-ground trampoline that is an option that can be added at checkout. 

15' Round All American Trampoline with In-ground Kit

The 15' Round All American Trampoline with In-ground Kit is a classic trampoline favorite that comes with an in-ground kit for fast, easy install. This trampoline can be installed flush with the ground or with a few inches above ground for even better air flow underneath when you jump. The large size of this trampoline gives extra jumping space for all the little jumpers in your home. 

14’ Round TDU Trampoline with Vented Pad & Retaining Wall 

The 14’ Round TDU Trampoline with Vented Pad & Retaining Wall Bundle includes a quality jumping experience and a well thought out installation process. This is a slightly smaller trampoline with lots of high quality features. The included retaining wall is made to assemble via a slip joint connection system for easy installation. No more dangerously sharp metal retaining wall pieces to fumble with. The trampoline is made to be strong and durable. The frame is thick walled to provide superior stability while jumping. Also available is a safety enclosure net that can be purchased that is designed specifically for this trampoline and looks great in any yard!

This should give you plenty to think about to find exactly what your home and family need to jump through 2024. At we carry all of these trampolines, all of their accessories, and a variety of add-ons to make jumping even more fun. Check out our in ground and above ground trampolines, and stay tuned for more trampoline options coming in 2024. 

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