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High quality trampoline replacement springs

  • Cone-compressed
  • Fully galvanized
  • Choose from the following sizes:
    • 5" trampoline spring
    • 5.5" trampoline spring
    • 7" trampoline spring
    • 8.5" trampoline spring
    • 9" trampoline spring

The time may come when the springs on your trampoline need to be replaced. The primary goal of replacement is to maintain or improve the quality of the trampoline’s bounce, but by replacing broken, rusted or worn-out springs with new ones, you also enhance the trampoline’s safety, giving you better peace of mind when the kids come out to bounce and play.

How to measure your spring for replacement:

Measure the trampoline spring AFTER removal from the trampoline from end of one hook to the end of the opposite hook.

Trampoline Spring

Why Buy Trampoline Replacement Springs from

Our trampolines use pre-galvanized, cone-compressed springs. Usually the ends of the springs stretch out first, so cone-compressing the ends of the springs helps to prevent this (notice how they taper at the ends). The springs are also galvanized (to prevent rust) before they are wound to ensure durability, and they come in 7-inch or 8.5-inch lengths to provide the best bounce possible.

There are three ways to tell if you need replacement springs:

SOFT: if the springs are soft, meaning you can easily stretch them out by hand when removed from the trampoline

GOOSENECK: if they have a gooseneck, meaning the end of the spring is bent

TOUCHING: when removed from the trampoline, all coils should be touching

If your springs are exhibiting any of the issues above, they need to be replaced. We offer convenient replacement spring bundles that include shipping. 

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Replace your broken, rusty and worn out springs with our premium-quality, fully galvanized trampoline replacement springs. With our products, you get optimum performance and bounce from your trampoline, offering your family years of enjoyment.

Notice: We are still in the process of obtaining other spring lengths. If your current springs are not 7 inches or 8.5 inches, our products will not meet your requirements. Please check out our How to Measure page for further information and details.