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Trampoline Jump Bed Mats

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High Grade Polypropylene

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IMPORTANT: The size indicated in the drop down menu is for the size of the trampoline FRAME that the jump bed fits. For example, the 12' Jump Bed is for a 12' trampoline frame, where the jump bed is approximately 10.5' in diameter.

For detailed instructions, please see our How to Measure page.

  • High grade polypropylene
  • Shape: Round or Octagonal
  • Reinforced vinyl hem
  • 9 rows of stitching
  • Galvanized V-rings
  • 400 lb. jumping weight
  • 1,000 lb. tear limit
  • 2 to 3 year warranty depending on brand

There comes a time when you need to replace your trampoline jump bed. Since the bed is one of the most important parts of the trampoline – after all, it is the part that you bounce on – it’s absolutely important that it’s in good condition.

Although jump beds should not typically break due to the strong cross-weave material, they do stretch over time with repeated use. An over-stretched and saggy jump bed will not perform as well as a new one, and thus should be replaced.

Another possible reason for replacing your trampoline jump bed is if the rings holding the springs have detached from the mat. You can’t stitch them back on, and without these rings, the spring won’t attach. And one final reason to get a new bed is if it has been damaged, such as being burnt by a cigarette, bonfire or firework.

Jumping on a faulty jump bed can pose risks to your kids’ safety, so we strongly advise you to get a replacement as soon as you encounter any of these issues.

Get Trampoline Replacement Jump Beds from

We offer custom replacement jump beds (also called jumping mats) that can be made to fit just about ANY trampoline. Our jump beds are American-made and are backed with a full five-year warranty. In addition to an industry-leading warranty, our replacement jump beds have over twice the jumping weight limit as most original jump beds, and easily last 10-15 years.

Reinforced Jump Surface

Our high grade polypropylene jumping beds feature a heavy duty reinforced vinyl hem with nine rows of stitching (not five like our competitors) using 34-pound test UV-protected thread, resulting in a durable jumping bed that will last for several years. Our V-rings are galvanized steel for unbeatable corrosion and rust resistance. Plus, all jump beds are backed with a full five-year warranty, which even includes normal wear and tear. The jump beds will support 400 pounds jumping weight (almost double our competitors), and a 1,000-pound tear limit (resting weight).

When it comes to performance and safety, don’t settle for less. Buy your replacement trampoline jump beds from today.