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Trampoline Frame Pads
Trampoline Frame Pads

Trampoline Frame Pads

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  • Fits all brands with 8.5" or smaller springs
  • 13-inch Pad width
  • 4-inch Frame skirt
  • Five-Year warranty

While owning a trampoline feels exciting, it’s more than just fun and games. Without question, a critical aspect that you need to secure is your kids’ safety when bouncing on trampolines. In terms of safety, one component that needs thorough attention is the trampoline frame pad.

Why Are Trampoline Frame Pads Important To Safety?

A high-quality frame pad covers the frame and springs on a trampoline, and protects the jumper from impacting any of these parts of the trampoline.

To minimize the risk of injury, make sure that your trampoline has thick pads covering the entire frame and springs, and have them properly attached. Never assume that all frame pads have the same quality, because they don’t!

When it comes to safety, don't settle for subpar products. Choose a frame pad that provides maximum protection – choose a frame pad from

Why Buy Trampoline Frame Pads from                                            

We give you the best in the industry! Keep your family safe with our durable frame pads. Our high durability frame pads are 100% made in the USA and backed with our five-year warranty. These pads are expected to last 7-14 years. Be sure to visit our FAQ page for proper care.

These pads are constructed with two layers of closed-cell ethafoam to protect the jumper from the springs and frame. This ethafoam core is covered with a 3-ply dacron tie cord reinforced UV-treated 18-ounce vinyl for low-wear and long life. The bottom is lined with a polypropylene mesh base to allow moisture to escape, which prevents rot damage from mold and mildew. This durable pad also provides the jumper with comfort and safety when getting on and off the trampoline. Our one year warranty is also included on the frame pad. Look at our competitors’ frame pads, and you will see why they are only backed with a 30-day warranty.

Place an Order Today!

Don’t compromise your kids’ safety by letting them jump on a trampoline with a cheap, thin frame pad. Buy one of our high-grade, USA-made frame pads, and we can guarantee that you won't need a replacement for years to come. With proper maintenance and customer report, our products can last up to 14 years. What are you waiting for? Place an order today!

Important note: For replacement parts, we will need measurements of your current trampoline. When measuring for your frame, make sure to measure from outside to outside edges. You may also check out our How to Measure page for detailed instructions.

Pad Option Descriptions For Rectangular:

-Deluxe Safety Pad 14oz UV Marine Vinyl

-R.A.D. (Rough And Durable) safety pads are 13" wide with the heavier 18oz UV Marine vinyl.

-Pro safety pads are 17" wide 18oz UV Marine vinyl. Velcro in the corners for a full coverage safety pad. Included with the pro pads are the 4 corner support springs. **Pro pads cannot be used with enclosure.**