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Springfree® Medium Oval Trampoline

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Weight Limit Max Tested 1500 lbs


10 Year Trampoline Warranty


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Springfree® Trampoline - Medium Oval

The 8ft x 11ft Medium Oval trampoline is a great option for narrow backyards but provides ample jump area for jumping and practicing trampolining. Provides kids with enough space for perfecting their trampoline jumps.

  • 7' 2" x 11' 10" Trampoline Footprint
  • 8ft x 11ft Jumping Mat Dimension
  • 77 Sq. ft Jumping Surface Area
  • 1500lb Tested Max Weight Capacity
  • 220lb Single Jumper Weight Capacity
  • 9' Trampoline Height

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Product Features

3D Interactive Insturctions

Use BILT® to assemble or install with confidence. Easy step-by-step instructions for this product are found on Bilt® a free app available for both iOS and Android.

Product Warranty

10-year warranty


10-year warranty


10-year warranty

Jump Mat

10 Year Warranty on the entire trampoline. We proudly stand behind our product and offer the most comprehensive warranty on every single component of our trampoline. With second-to-none engineering, premium materials and exceptional quality control and testing, your Springfree® Trampoline is built to last - for a full decade.

FAQs & Videos

How much wind can this trampoline with stand or can it without being picked up?

Springfree Trampoline frames are a lot sturdier and heavier than the average spring-based trampoline. However, if you're concerned about the wind, we recommend purchasing a set of our Ground Anchors for added peace of mind. The anchors can withstand 900 Newtons of force which is difficult to equate to wind speed as it may vary, however it would be the best solution if you were not planning on moving the trampoline. If you do plan on moving the trampoline, you may want to look into using industrial sized sand bags or even soil bags to weigh down the trampoline. Thank you for asking, and happy jumping!

How can leaves and grime be cleaned out? How do you keep the outside trampoline FYI Getting dirty and worn out by the weather?

We recommend using a mild dishwashing detergent. Any heavy duty chemical cleaner would be corrosive and possibly harmful to the trampoline materials. You may also wish to power wash the surface in order to clean the jumping surface. Happy jumping! - Customer Care

Can I install this as an in ground trampoline?

You can recess the Springfree trampoline into ground, however the jumping mat however cannot be flush with the ground. We do have dimensions and processes for the majority of our models. The mat rods need to be above the ground and only the base of the frame can be recessed. This is because they need room to “flex” outwards while in use. It also ensures that there won’t be any gaps between the trampoline and the ground. Having this trampoline recessed so that the jumping mat is level with the ground could pose a potential safety risk as there would be a gap where little feet could get caught.

How much total clearance do we need for this trampoline to allow space for the flexible poles.

The minimum lateral installation clearance required is 5 ft. around the perimeter of any Springfree Trampoline. This is to ensure that there are no fences, trees, or walls within the clearance – therefore, if someone was to fall into the net, the enclosure rods would have the space to bow outwards in order to push the jumper back onto the trampoline.

How many packages is the shipment broken into?

The large oval comes in 3 boxes weighing approximately 75-90 llbs.