YouTube Channels with the Best Trampoline Workout Videos

Are you looking to get a great workout from home that you can do on your exercise trampoline? There are an endless amount of options for different rebounding exercises that help with your balance, power, flexibility and more.

The best trampoline workout videos usually include professionals that emphasize safety, effectiveness, and results. They come in all varieties and you can choose to watch videos that have chosen music, synchronized group workouts, high intensity, are beginner oriented, and ones that have singular focuses.

Our list of the best rebounding exercise videos are a great start to get you on your path to better health and fitness.

Benefits of trampoline workouts

Do you spend a lot of time at the gym or outside of it running? What if we told you that NASA has done quite a bit of studying on the benefits of fitness trampolines and found that 10 minutes of rebound exercising is more effective than 33 minutes of jogging - let alone less strenuous on your bones and body.

That's right, according to NASA, exercising on a trampoline is 68% more effective than running. In their studies, it even out performed swimming and it is great for both upper body and lower body strength.

Some benefits of exercising on a trampoline include:

  • Convenient
  • Improved coordination
  • De-stressing and anxiety relief
  • Less strain on the body
  • Helps mobility
  • Helps posture
  • Helps with your fear of falling

Trampoline Workout Videos

Best Pure Music Workout Video

Many professional dancers include trampoline workouts in their exercise routines. This is because the muscle movement is similar, and strengthening their skills in one technique, correlates, and improves their strengths in the other. This rang true for Mai-Britt, who is a former professional dancer that now has one of the best “Pure Music” trampoline exercise videos on YouTube:

Best Trampoline Workout Video For Beginners and Elderly

When you're a beginner, it's best to have something to hold on to while doing your rebounding training. It's also important that you don't start off doing extremely lengthy exercise. That's why this video for beginners and seniors is only 5 minutes long and includes a trampoline exercise bar within the session. All the moves in this video by Earth and Owl are highly approachable and suitable for beginners - making you feel confident about the level of difficulty and safety.

Best Short, High Intense Trampoline Workout

Reach your peak heart rate in a very short amount of time with this low-impact high-intense (HIIT) workout. At only 15 minutes long, this is a super great choice for those with a fitness trampoline to get a quick workout that will get those blood vessels pumping and the sweat flowing. Moves on this video including running on the trampoline, jumping jacks, high knees, and more - each with a resting period.

Best Total Body Cardio Workout with Trampoline

Looking for a trampoline workout video that includes a little bit of arms? This 45 minute cardio workout by Michelle Briehler focuses on everything from legs, to balancing, to arms. This is a great workout for some major cardio and building endurance - helping build the connection between the mind and body. Be sure to have some arm weights handy as you will be using them during this routine (the director uses 8lb weights in the video).

Best JUMPSPORT Trampoline Workout Video

This is another great cardio workout done on JUMPSPORT fitness trampolines by Michelle Briehler. At 35 minutes it's a great balance between high intensity, and endurance building. There are a number of people that are all in on the workout in this session, and this can be done with a group or as a solo run.

There are a good number of different moves in the video that will get a plethora of different muscles worked out. She even finds a way to add an extra leg burner, and core and plank challenge.

Popular Trampoline Workout YouTube Channels

There are a ton of great YouTube channels out there dedicated to fitness rebounding. Trampoline workout professionals can be found all over the globe - all with their own unique style and presentation.

Check out some of the best YouTube channels.

Jill Cooper SuperJump Rebounding Workouts

We love the way that this channel is organized and the fact that each video has a special focus. There is a lot of knowledge that gets dropped during these videos so make sure you are watching with the sound on.

SanFran Fitness

This channel features a number of different workout series that you can follow. This channel also features videos done outdoors, which is different than many of the other channels on this list.


This rebounding exercise channel is based out of South Africa, has 11K subscribers, and some of the most unique content in this niche.

Jakub Novotný - Jumping Fitness MT

This channel has a focus on community videos, single songs, and no shortage of longer videos. With 43K subscribers, you're definitely joining a good sized community

Natálie Ferčáková

This channel is based out of the Czech Republic and is an up and coming channel that focuses on fun workouts and intense body posture.

Kiara-Camilla Dickson

This is a fun channel with a lot of dancing mixed in with the trampoline workouts. Kiara has an amazing approach, good workouts, and is one of our favorite instructors.

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