Types of Trampolines

A trampoline is a trampoline, right? Not quite.

There are several different types of trampolines available, and while they’re obviously similar in nature, there are a few major factors that can differentiate the types from each other. Making the wrong choice for your home or business could be a costly mistake.

At trampolines.com, we offer a full range of trampolines to fit your needs. Let’s break down the types of trampolines we offer, and why they might be right for you.

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are the most common type on the market, and come in a variety of sizes – at trampolines.com, we offer them in sizes ranging from 12 to 16 feet in diameter.

A few specific benefits of round trampolines:

  • Versatile use or storage
  • Variety of sizes, generally affordable
  • Even force distribution – rebounds jumpers back toward center, great for safety
  • Light weight

Rectangular Trampolines

A rectangular trampoline offers many of the same features as a round trampoline, but with a couple major differences. Firstly, the shape makes them easier to fit into certain tight spaces – corners near fences, narrower yards, etc.

Secondly, and more importantly from a safety standpoint, rectangular trampolines provide a very different bounce than circular ones. Jumpers aren’t naturally pushed toward the center, and often bounce higher in the air due to uneven distribution of force. Gymnasts typically use rectangular trampolines for these reasons, but be careful when considering purchasing one if children might be using it regularly.

Octagonal Trampolines

The primary draw of octagonal trampolines is space – with more surface area, they allow more room for jumping. Their bounce and rebound levels will vary, as will their sizes.

Fitness Trampolines

Also called mini trampolines or “rebounders,” fitness trampolines are small, circular and easy to store. Their even force distribution is perfect for low-impact exercises – they’ll get your blood flowing without putting strain on your body.

Water Trampolines

A day on the water gets a whole lot more fun when a water trampoline is involved. They’re inflatable and use their inflated tubes instead of springs, which helps with safety. When you’re done using a water trampoline, you simply deflate it and store it easily.

We offer a wide variety of all these types of trampolines at trampolines.com. Contact us today to speak with our friendly expert staff, who can advise you on which trampoline is right for you.

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