4 Perfect Trampoline Exercises

Most people know trampolines for their entertainment value, especially for the younger generation, and this is understandable. At Trampolines.com, we stock a huge variety of fun, affordable and safe recreation options for the entire family.

That’s far from the only use for our products, though. Our line of fitness trampolines is second to none, and offers a real resource for low-impact, in-home aerobic exercise in a format you can’t find in too many other places. Many people stay fit primarily through trampoline exercise. Let’s look at a few of the most common types of exercise you can accomplish through bouncing.

Basic Bounce

It’s as simple as it gets, but many experts recommend a basic vertical bouncing format as one of the best muscle toning exercises out there. The basic motion of shifting between weightlessness and normal gravity stimulates the lymphatic system, which clears waste from muscles and also activates the immune system. Basic bounce exercises are especially beneficial for people who struggle with balance and may have issues with more complex routines.

Vertical Elevation Dance

This is similar to a basic bounce, but with some added motion at the top of your arc. Holding poses is half the fun with a trampoline anyway, but now you can use it to your healthy advantage – as you hover above the ground, introduce new moves to keep your blood flowing a little harder.

This can be anything from a little kick to a full-on spin or flip, as long as you’re comfortable with it. Some people like to do this to music. For the serious muscle builder, you can emphasize certain muscle groups in your movements.

Jumping Jog

The jumping jog gets you the same physical benefits as regular jogging, but without the same burden on your knees and joints. As you do your basic bounce, continue to increase your spring until you’re in a rhythm, and then begin “jogging” on a separate foot with each jump, lifting each knee as high in the air as you can. Keep going for as long as you can, and try to increase your time on each repetition.


This is simply a basic form of muscle preparation while in the air. As you prepare to land, your muscles are exercised as they orient themselves for the landing. Rebounding also helps fine-tune balance, which can promote healthier forms of exercise across the board.

To learn more about this, or any part of our trampoline services, speak to our staff at Trampolines.com today.

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