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All American In Ground Trampoline Wall Kit

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The All American inground trampoline kit is a sturdy metal retaining wall frame for those who prefer their trampoline to stand alone in the ground, unattached to the retaining wall itself. With this method you can install your trampoline flush with the ground, or you can lift the trampoline a couple of inches for better air flow.


  • Choose from 14' or 15'
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Free floating - does not attach to trampoline
  • Simple installation instructions
  • Retaining wall only

Common Installation:

  • Dig a hole 12-18 inches larger than frame, and about 37" deep.
  • Assemble ring
  • Drop trampoline ring into hole backfilling the outside
  • Place weed barrier inside ring with 2 inches of gravel for water drainage.
  • Assemble trampoline
  • Drop trampoline into the hole
  • Optional place bricks under the trampoline legs to lift trampoline above ground