Upgrading, Repairing, & Replacing Your Trampoline

Do you already own a trampoline?

Is the frame pad faded, cracked, or torn?

Is the jump mat ripped, or starting to come unstitched at the seams?

Are the springs losing their bounce or getting rusty?

Does the frame show signs of instability, or rust?

It doesn't take long for lower-quality, lower-priced trampolines to break down. They are, after all, subject to everything mother nature can throw at them, and sadly are not often built to last. That's why at Trampolines.com we offer a full selection of USA-made, high-quality replacement parts with a 5-year warranty.

Frame pads

The frame pad is often the first thing to start breaking down, many of them lasting only one season in the sun. Most budget trampolines have frame pads that will last from 6-months to a couple of years at most. The life expectancy of our USA-made frame pads is 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Shop our replacement frame pads.

Jump Beds

Can you believe that many companies sell trampolines that only have a 60-day warranty on the jump mat surface? 60 days?!?! Our USA-made Medalist trampoline jump mats carry a full five-year warranty, and have a life expectancy of 12-20 years with proper maintenance, sometimes needing just a restitch in 8-15 years. Shop our replacement jump beds.


If you have an older trampoline, you may see rust on your springs that were perhaps not galvanized. Or, they may simple be worn out and over stretched due to the way they were manufactured. Our replacement springs are wound with conical, tapered ends, giving the springs a much better bounce and longer life. They are also fully-galvanized for superior rust protection, and are sold in convenient replacement packs. Shop our replacement trampoline springs.


After years of jumping on an imported trampoline you may also notice that the frame seems more wobbly, less steady, and starting to rust. Many manufacturers use thinner steel and only galvanize the exterior of the frame. On the other hand, the backyard trampolines we sell are galvanized inside and out, and most feature thicker, 13-gauge steel. Our trampoline frames also consist of just 8 sections, giving them superior stability to box-store budget trampolines that can have as many as 25 pieces! Contact us if you are in need of a replacement frame.

So if you are looking to upgrade or repair your trampoline, you've come to the right place. And if you realize that your entire trampoline just needs to go to the recycling heap, you can buy one of our brand-new USA-made trampolines, and have confidence that you won't need to contact us for at least 10 years for any replacement parts.