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Inground Trampoline Installation

When it comes to in ground trampoline installations, offers everything you need in one place. We understand the difficulties of finding a landscaper to do an installation. So that’s why we’ve partnered with professionals across the country to make installation easier than ever!  All of our partner installers are independent professional landscapers and contractors who will help with a seamless and easy installation process.

From highly-rated trampoline brands, to customer support and partner installation services, we’re with you every “jump” of the way! Let our partners take care of all the work – while you sit back, relax and get ready to jump!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary by region and the difficulty of the job? Generally, we find installations, on average, will cost from $1,800 - $3,000 in more expensive living areas.  Note, this is a general guideline and some prices may be less, or could exceed this amount for difficult installations.

What may increase the price?

A number of factors may impact your price:

  • Is this a new landscape or existing?
  • Is the area easy to access?
  • If there is a fence, what’s the gate width?
  • Does dirt need to be hauled away?
  • Is the area for the trampoline level?
  • Are there hidden pipes, conduits or lines below the ground in your backyard?

Can I pay

No - you will contract, pay and work directly with the landscape professional in your area. They are responsible for their work. We’ve made this easy though to find a professional with experience in your area.

Are these installers certified?

Well, there really is no certification for trampoline installations. They are independent businesses who we identified as having experience with in ground trampoline installations and general landscaping. We ask all install partners to be licensed appropriately in the states where they operate. We encourage you to interview a potential install professional to decide if they are right for your installation.

I don’t see my area covered? Should I still fill out the form?

Yes, we are always adding more independent installers. If we don’t have someone listed, we have a pretty extensive database and we will do our best to help you find someone.