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Ultimate Bundle Sale! 10'x17' Rectangle Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

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$ 3,095
$ 3,879
  • Easy setup with strategic color coding

  • Maximize space with vertical walls & rectangular floor plan

  • Seam-sealed waterproof polyester fly

  • Backpack carry bag included with pockets, stakes, and tools

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Why In-Ground Trampolines?

Inground trampolines remove the concerns of users falling from an above-ground system. Most above-ground trampolines are at least three feet high, which is why we always recommend a safety enclosure for above-. ground trampolines.

It may seem silly, but putting a trampoline inground helps the. environment as homeowners will no longer need to water that patch of Iawn. For example, a 14' foot round trampoline replaces about 150 square. feet of lawn.That's a lot of water saved over even just one watering season

It looks good. We hear this a lot as well. Some homeowners prefer to see their trampoline blend into the backyard and not be the first thing people notice or see.

Wind resistance for areas with the strong seasonal weather, an. inground trampoline is a must! Putting a trampoline inground will reduce the chance of it ever becoming airborne during periods of high wind..

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