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"I can go to the local box store and buy a trampoline and enclosure for $400. Why should I buy from"

This the perhaps the most common question we are asked when people see the price of the trampolines we sell. The difference in price comes down to the quality of the components. Just check out the difference of our Medalist trampolines versus the "big box" brands on the market today:


When you buy a trampoline at a big box retailer, their primary goal is to make it break down so small you can fit it into the back of your Honda civic. The frame itself is often made of 20 - 25 lightweight pieces, which then assemble to give you a loose, wobbly frame. Our 14' round trampoline, on the other hand, comes in just 8 pieces; 4 circular portions, and 4 one-piece U-shaped legs. It's made in the USA of fully-galvanized 13-gauge steel, and ships via freight truck because the pieces are long and heavy. The result is a rigid frame that will last for decades, and won't flex or shift as you bounce.

Jump Bed

The jump bed, the part of the trampoline you bounce on, is often the first thing to wear out on cheaper import trampolines. The material is thin and weak, and the edges of the bed are often just folded over and sewn like a pair of sweat pants. The result is a jump bed that rips at the seams after just a season or two. Our jump beds are made of high-grade polypropylene, and are sewn around the edge with an additional reinforced vinyl hem with 9 rows of stitching. This is part of what gives our trampolines a 400-pound jump weight limit (nearly twice that of the competition), and it is there is a  5-year warranty on this trampoline. Even our competitors have told us that our trampolines have the best jump beds in the industry. And if you're still not convinced, consider that custom-made jump beds, made for other brands of trampolines, are the number one replacement part that we sell!

Frame Pad

Sadly, most trampolines on the market today offer a frame pad that is about as thick as an old blanket. This is the part of the trampoline that is supposed to protect the jumper if they fall on the frame from several feet up in the air! On the other hand, our frame pads are THICK and sturdy, closer in feeling to a wrestling mat. No, they aren't soft and cushiony like a pillow; they are PADDED for safety. When one of our frame pads shows up at your door, you'll notice it folds up so thick you have to bear-hug it to move it around. And while imported frame pads usually crack and rot to pieces in the first season, ours will last for years and years. We recently inspected one of our frame pads that a customer has had on their inground trampoline for 8 years in the hot sun AND snow of Utah, and it looked and felt brand new, with the exception of a little color fading. There simply is no comparison.


Finally, the quality of our springs, and also the QUANTITY of springs on our trampolines offer a better bounce, longer life, and higher jump weight than the competition. Have you noticed that most trampolines on the market today have a weight limit of 200 - 225 pounds? That means that most adult males couldn't even jump on it! Our trampolines on the other hand have a 400-pound jump limit, and a 1,000-pound static tear limit, due in part to our springs. We use 8.5" springs (longer than most) to give a superior bounce. They are also tapered on each end and fully galvanized, which both work to extend the life of the springs. You also need to look at the number of springs on a trampoline. Our 12' Medalist model has 88 springs, our 14' Medalist model has 100 springs, and our 16' has 120 springs. So when you're comparing - look at how many springs are on the trampoline, and you'll see a big difference.

As an online retailer, we could carry any brands of trampolines we want, at almost any price range. Hopefully you can see why we choose to only carry the best, and let others sell the rest!

So don’t be fooled by price alone! There is a big difference in the quality of trampoline components on the market today, which greatly affect your safety and the lifespan of your trampoline. Many cheap trampolines manufactured in China have flooded the market, offering good price-point, but low quality trampolines. These trampolines give us our best parts business, as most jump beds and frame pads fall apart within a year or two. Our Medalist trampolines are 100% AMERICAN MADE and come with a FULL 5-YEAR WARRANTY, which even covers normal wear & tear! Check out our Medalist trampoline comparison chart, and be sure to ask about guarantees and replacement costs on cheaper trampolines from other companies.


Medalist Competitors
Made in the USA check cross
Frame construction Heavy, 13 gauge steel Lighter, 14 - 17 gauge
Number of frame sections for stability 8 - 10 for superior strength 20 - 25 different pieces
One-piece frame legs for stability and safety check cross
Galvanized frame for superior rust protection Interior and exterior Exterior only
Spring mounting holes Machine drilled Punched
Warranty 5 years 60 days - 2 years
Life expectancy 10 - 30 years 2+ years
Weight limit 400 lbs. 200 - 250 lbs.
Rows of stitching on jump bed 6 + 3 for the hem 4
Reinforced vinyl hem around jump bed check cross
UV-treated 3-ply vinyl pad exterior check cross
Closed cell ethafome pad interior, self-draining, rot-proof check cross
Tapered springs for greater bounce and longer life check cross
Galvanized springs check Sometimes


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