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Safety Enclosure Net System for 16' Trampolines

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Also available as part of our 16' ultimate package, the JumpSport 480xt fits our 16-foot USA made trampoline. If you have another brand of 16-foot trampoline, we can't guarantee a good fit however. Whether you buy as part of our ultimate package, or for a previously-purchased trampoline from us, the 480t will give you years of good use on our massive 16-foot model. Jump and enjoy!
  • Enclosure only.
  • Fits most round trampolines 16' diameter.
  • Triple-fail-safe design is engineered to provide "back up" support systems to hold the net in place — a very important combination of safety features.
  • Top strap prevents net collapse, and is 3 to 8 times stronger than many competitors.
  • Overlapping entry means there's nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you're in! 
  • Shock-absorbing ball-caps at pole tops.
  • Vinyl sleeves prevent pole foam from disintegrating in the sun.
  • Shock-absorbing padded steel poles flex on impact.
  • Imported.

Note: This enclosure is only guaranteed to fit the appropriately sized trampoline from It may not fit every trampoline brand.