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Summer Bundle Sale! 10'x14' Rectangle Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

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Weight Limit 1,100 lbs Max Test Capacity


Lifetime Frame Warranty


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Summer Bundle Sale! Save $784! 10'x14' Rectangle Inground Trampoline with LED Lights & Weather Cover

Don't miss out on this limited offer!

The Summer Bundle includes everything you need for an amazing inground trampoline experience in your backyard!  The bundle includes:

  • Pro-Line 10'x14' Rectangle Inground Trampoline by Avyna:  includes retaining wall, inground trampoline and safety pad
  • Amazingly Cool LED light system w/ 8 colors, cycling patterns, and programs
  • High Quality PVC Weather Cover to protect your trampoline

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*** Limit 2 bundles per household. ***

Complete inground trampoline solution. Everything you need to install!

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Introducing Europe's finest premium inground rectangle trampoline! Designed in the Netherlands, the Pro-Line Avyna trampoline offers amazing performance, high quality engineering with European style.  See why the Pro-Line Inground became one of the highest selling in ground rectangle trampolines ever manufactured.  The 10x17’ rectangle is one of the largest inground trampolines on the market and its performance is unmatched. The flat profile design beautifies the backyard and the LIFETIME frame warranty guarantees your family will enjoy this trampoline for years to come.  

It also offers the Avyna Advantage™  -- one of the easiest in ground installations on the market!  The low cost installation makes it easier and more affordable for you to have an in ground trampoline in your backyard. The hole and installation can easily be done by you or a professional landscaper. 

These trampolines are amazingly strong and great for kids and adults alike.

  • 112 double-galvanized 8.5-inch springs for better bounce
  • 8 double-galvanized 5.5-inch corner springs
  • Upper Frame is made of 11 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Lower Frame is made of 14 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Maximum Test Capacity = 1,100 pounds 
  • LIFETIME Frame Warranty
  • 3 Year Pad & Jumping Mat Warranty
  • 10 Year Spring Warranty

10x17 PDF Cover

Download the Assembly Manual

How to Build the 10x14 Avyna in 7 Easy Steps

DIY Installation instructions for a rectangular Avyna In-ground Trampoline

Product Features

Engineered for Strength & Durability

The Avyna trampoline combines the best of high quality European engineering with style and performance reaching a maximum test capacity over 1,300 lbs. Designed in the Netherlands, the trampoline frame uses thick, hot dipped galvanized high tensile 11 gauge steel, creating a strong rigid base that produces a superior bounce experience. The trampoline frame has a protective zinc coating on the steel inside and out that creates a rust proof frame backed with a LIFETIME warranty.

Air X-TREAM™ Jumping Mat Advantage

The Avyna Air X-TREAM™ jumping mat is made from the highest quality polypropylene homopolymer, 100% UV-Protected and pressed for a super smooth surface. The open design of the jumping mat generates up to 70% more air permeability than regular jumping mats. Less air resistance creates a better, higher jump.For optimal safety, these jumping mats are unique with a 4-inch protection flap around to cover the springs. The unique PVC D-rings are extremely safe and strong with galvanized steel plates inside, much safer than other jumping mats. The Avyna Jumping mat carries a 3 year warranty.

Safety is the Top Priority

Attention to detail is what makes the Avyna trampoline one of the safest on the market. The pad frames are thick, extra wide and made of high quality weather resistant treated vinyl. The thick foam is waterproof and offers extra safety. The unique Avyna safety system covers the springs and frame perfectly to prevent shift during use.

The frames in the Avyna Enclosures are made of the same high quality and double galvanized steel as the Avyna trampoline frames. The nets are made of colourfast and weather resistant nylon material. The lockable safety entrance further increases the safety of jumpers. The entire enclosure system is designed to withstand accidental or wild sideways jumps and not overturn.

Installation as Easy as 1-2-3

The Avyna Advantage™ makes this trampoline one of the easiest in ground installations we’ve seen yet. Rather than older systems that require retaining walls, this ingenious design places the trampoline on a dirt shelf surrounding the hole. This creates a firmer frame experience than its competitors and an improved jump. Best yet, the dirt removal is about ⅓ the amount required by other systems and can easily be done by you or a professional landscaper.

Product Warranty

lifetime warranty


3-year warranty


3-year warranty

Jump Mat

10-year warranty


Avyna Pro-Line trampolines come with one of the best manufacturer warranties in the trampoline market. All Avyna trampolines have a LIFETIME frame warranty ensuring that you will enjoy your trampoline for many decades. The jump mat and safety pad also come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. All warranties are backed by Avyna and cover manufacturer defects. You can be assured that when you buy an Avyna trampoline you are protected by one of the industry’s best warranties.

FAQs & Videos

How do I install the 10 X 14’ Rectangle Pro-Line in ground trampoline?

Just follow these instructions to learn how to install your trampoline:

Can I install the trampoline by myself?

Yes, many customers choose to install the Avyna 10 x 14’ in ground trampoline themselves. The advantage of the Avyna design is that the soil that needs to be removed is about ⅓ of other in ground trampolines. That being said, many customers choose to have a local landscaping company install the trampoline for them, which may only take several hours by a professional.

What are the benefits of a rectangle trampoline?

Rectangle trampolines offer a longer jump bed that may be preferred by children and teens who do gymnastics, tumbling, dance or cheer. The natural shape of the rectangle trampoline provides a slightly higher performance jump as well.

What are the benefits of in ground trampolines?

In ground trampolines offer four key benefits. 1) Safety issues with getting on, off or jumping without an enclosure no longer exist with an in ground trampoline. 2) The aesthetics or look of your backyard is much cleaner with an in ground trampoline. 3) Landscaping maintenance (mowing the lawn or weeding) is no longer required. 4) Water conservation as the area no longer needs to be watered.

Should I buy a Safety Enclosure with my in ground trampoline?

Safety is the top priority when answering this question. As falling from the trampoline to the ground is no longer an issue with an in ground, the primary concern is the clearance around the trampoline. If there are objects (trees, rocks, concrete pads, or natural drop offs) within 4 feet of the trampoline, we would strongly recommend a Safety Enclosure.

Does the maximum weight limit indicate the jump performance?

Good question! This is commonly asked and the answer is a definite “NO!” Weight limits are set by manufacturers to indicate safety limits. Most manufacturers post a user weight limit. (Note, there should be only one jumper at a time on a trampoline for maximum safety.) In this instance, the user weight limit set by the manufacturer is 350 lbs – however the trampoline can handle an impressive 1100 lbs load in max weight testing. Most importantly, what influences performance are the trampoline design elements: sturdiness of the trampoline frame, the quality of the springs and the jump mat. We’ve tested all of the trampolines we sell and this trampoline offers an excellent jump experience.

What can I do to care for my trampoline, so that it will last?

Our backyard trampolines are designed to handle the elements. However, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your trampoline. If you live in a northern climate where there is snow, we recommend you take it down in the winter (see below). Also, keep your trampoline clean. We recommend you wash the frame pad & jump bed a few times a year with a mild soap & water. After cleaning, spray the frame pad (spring cover), and the yellow vinyl outer ring of the jump bed with Formula 303®. Formula 303 is similar to Armor All®, with the exception that it contains a UV treatment. Keep your trampoline away from an open fire, and cover your trampoline during the 4th of July! One weakness ALL trampolines suffer from is hot ashes landing on the jump bed. This will burn a hole in your trampoline immediately.

It snows where I live. Should I take it down in the winter?

We recommend you remove the mat, springs and pad unless it will be used during the winter. You can keep the frame up in the winter. If you have an enclosure, you can either disassemble the entire unit, or just take down the netting, and slide the foam pads up over the poles. Leave the metal poles on, and take down everything that is not metal. The main issue with keeping a trampoline up during the winter is the weight of the snow, not the cold. A heavy, wet snow piling up on your trampoline can easily exceed 1,000 lbs, exceeding the resting tear limit of your trampoline. If you choose to keep it up in the winter, it is crucial you sweep off the snow with a broom. DO NOT USE A SNOW SHOVEL! A snow shovel will rip right through your jump bed. If the trampoline is not being used, take it down to increase the life expectancy.


Frame Material Heavy 11 Gauge Steel
Number of Frame Sections for Stability 8
Life Expectancy 20-30 years
Weight Limit 1,100 lbs Max Test Capacity
Rows of Stitching on Jump Bed 8 rows
Number of Boxes 2
Number of Springs 124
Spring Length 8.5"