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Monkey Bars | Galvanized steel Monkey Bars -

Monkey Bars

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Your kids will love this high quality galvanized steel Monkey Bar. The monkey bar is available in both 6.5 foot and 8 foot tall. Height is after installed 18" into the ground.

The monkey bar is approx. 2' wide and 10 feet long and is strong enough for both kids and adults.

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Height: 6.5 or 8'

Length: 10'

Approximate Width: 2'


Assembly Instructions:

  1. Assemble monkey bars. Place in the area where you want to install. Mark where the legs are.
  2. Dig holes 18" deep, 18" wide.
  3. Roughly a bag and a half of post hole cement mix per hole.
  4. Place monkey bars in holes, ensure its level. Fill holes with cement.