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Getting a trampoline is a relatively cheap way to keep your family entertained and exercising for years to come. However, when shopping online for your first trampoline, beware of cheap trampolines that will wear out or break shortly after your first jump. What do you look for in a high quality trampoline? Here are a few of the features that we think are most important when shopping for trampolines: 

Reinforced Jump Bed

The jump bed is important to the durability of the trampoline. Since it will be outside in the rain, hot sun, potentially snow, and other weather, the jump bed needs to be made with high quality material and craftsmanship. Some of the jump bed features we look for are: a reinforced jump bed surface, UV protected polypropylene, extra strong stitching around the edges, and sun guarded edges. 

A Strong Frame

A weak frame can instantly ruin your jumping experience. It will feel unstable and will absorb some of the bounce. Conversely, with a strong frame, your jumping will be more stable, safe, and fun! A strong frame with 8 or fewer parts, made of 16-gauge fully galvanized steel is the standard. If you find a trampoline with over twenty pieces to assemble for the frame, you are likely looking at a low quality, cheap trampoline for sale online. 

Quality Springs

When it comes to trampoline springs, more is better. Cheaper trampolines will have fewer, shorter springs. The spring count on a larger trampoline might be over 100. recommends 8.5” springs. Tapered springs have a better bounce, but other spring shapes are also acceptable. If you ever need to replace springs on your trampoline, our parts and accessories section should have what you need. 

If you keep the criteria above in mind while shopping, you should be able to find a quality trampoline. One final recommendation is to look for a cheap, affordable trampoline with a net. Getting a net at the same time when you order your trampoline ensures that you will be jumping safely from day one.