Winter Trampoline Maintenance

Winter can be harsh on trampolines. If you want to keep enjoying your trampoline for many years to come, here are some tips to keep it in good jumping order:

1. No need to remove the jump pads or take down the trampoline

    Trampolines are made to withstand winter weather conditions. Some trampoline owners will opt to remove their jump pad over the colder months, believing this will extend the life of their trampoline. Whether or not to remove the jump pad is up to you, but there is good reason to leave it on. The tension on the springs and frame are actually beneficial to holding the shape of the trampoline over time. You can still choose to remove the pad, but it is entirely optional.  

    2. Don’t use shovels, use brooms to remove snow

      If you live somewhere that it snows, snow removal from the trampoline is essential. Snow is heavy and, if left on your trampoline, the weight will stretch your jump pad over time. One rule to remember for trampoline winter maintenance is to remove snow with a broom rather than a shovel. The sharp edges on plastic or metal shovels can scratch or tear your jump pad. A large push-style broom is ideal for quick, safe snow removal.

      3. Don't jump when its frozen or has snow on it

        As tempting as it may be, avoid jumping on a frozen or snow-covered trampoline. The jump pad will be more brittle and therefore more susceptible to wear and tear during the winter. Jumping in ice and snow is also potentially hazardous for jumpers. 

        4. Buy a cover

          We offer quality trampoline covers at Covering your trampoline with one of these will protect it from the harshest weather. A center drainage hole allows excess moisture to drain off, instead of weighing down and stretching your trampoline’s jump pad. Even with a cover, it’s still important to remove snow from your trampoline throughout the winter. Luckily, a cover makes it easier to clean/sweep snow than from the jump pad alone.

          Don’t forget to maintain your trampoline over the winter. If you take good care of it, your trampoline will be ready for you to enjoy as soon as warm weather arrives. 

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