What Are The Best & Safest Trampoline Brands of 2024?

Trampolines are one of the best investments you can make into your family’s entertainment, fitness, and quality time to spend together this year. Many families have been looking at ways to stay in shape and entertained at home in 2023. Your kids will actually be willing to spend time away from the TV when they have the option of endless hours bouncing in the backyard. They will get more exercise and spend more time in the fresh air. But, as with other physical activities, it is important to make sure you are using the trampoline with all safety precautions in place to keep it safe and enjoyable.

Trampolines.com is serious about your family’s safety while trampolining. We only carry the top brands who create their trampolines to the highest safety standards. 

Avyna: In the business for over 20 years, Avyna is a premier trampoline brand that we are proud to carry at trampolines.com. Avyna is designed in Europe to the highest specifications of quality and safety. The components are warrantied so you can trust that they will be durable and safe for many years to come. We recommend going with a full Avyna trampoline package which includes a safety enclosure to prevent jumpers from falling. The Avyna full trampoline packages also come with a ladder to make it safer to get on and off the trampoline. The popular 14’ Round Pro-Line Avyna Trampoline is one of the strongest trampoline options out there, with a 350 lbs. max weight. You will not regret an Avyna trampoline purchase in 2023! 

TDU/Capital Play: TDU Capital Play is another family trusted name in trampolines. The company says We don't sell cheap trampolines for good reason. They break, become unsafe and need replacing regularly.” TDU Capital Play is famous for in-ground installed trampolines. Going for an in-ground trampoline is a step up in safety for your family, not to mention that many owners find an in-ground trampoline to be more aesthetically pleasing. Because an in-ground trampoline eliminates several feet of potential fall distance, it is already safer than an above-ground option. If you add in an enclosure, it provides another layer of protection to keep your family safe from falls. Look to TDU Capital Play if durability and safety are priorities for your family in 2023. 

All American: Durable All American trampolines are made to last. High quality manufacturing ensures strength and safety to keep your family jumping without worry. Adding an enclosure to your purchase provides extra safety and peace of mind at minimal cost. The most popular and best selling 14-foot All American Trampoline is a high-quality round trampoline, 100% made in the USA. What better way to spend time with your loved ones this year? Support an American company and invest in your family’s fun and health. 

Safety benefits of in-ground vs. above ground trampolines

For the fastest and easiest way to get your family jumping, you can’t beat an above ground trampoline. Installation is simply a matter of finding a level area in your yard and assembling the trampoline. Adding an enclosure will prevent jumpers from falling off the edges. But if you want to take it a step further, consider an in-ground installation for your trampoline. One major benefit is visual - your backyard view will not be obstructed by a trampoline. 

Another benefit is in increased safety. When you go for an in-ground trampoline install, your jumping will be several feet closer to the ground than an above ground trampoline. Because of the decrease in potential fall distance, enclosures are considered optional for an in-ground installation. In-ground trampolines are also easier to get on and off for children and adults. Being able to walk on/walk off avoids the hazards of climbing ladders. 

Due to the enhanced safety inherent in an in-ground trampoline, our top three brands: Avyna, TDU Capital Play, and All American all provide in-ground trampolines, kits, and options to fit your needs. Is an in-ground trampoline right for you and your yard? Look at our selection at trampolines.com and chat with one of our specialists to find the right trampoline and installation style for you. 

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