Tips for Child Trampoline Safety

The primary goal of any trampoline is to have fun, and at, our wide array of products offers a great time for the entire family. Right up there with fun as the most important element of a trampoline, though? Safety.

Without proper safety precautions, you or your children’s high-flying fun can come to a crashing halt – literally. Especially for small kids who are still learning how their bodies interact with the world, it’s vital to take the right steps for trampoline safety to ensure you aren’t dealing with a major accident. Here are a few basic things you can do to keep things safe and fun.

Build it Right

By far the most common cause of accidents on trampolines is faulty construction. Many parents hastily assemble their parts without any attention paid to things like weight limits or assembly method, and this is a recipe for disaster.

Take the time to read the manual, and in cases where you have small children who will commonly be using the trampoline, consider extra precautions. Additional padding might help prevent bumps and bruises, and lowering the jumping surface a foot or two for a raised trampoline will help cushion any falls that may take place.


Even for older children, you should be supervising trampoline use. Try to incentivize safe jumping, and reinforce fun ways for the kids to enjoy themselves without doing anything too crazy.


A big part of adequate supervision involves setting and maintaining rules that make sense. If you have different sizes of kids who might be jumping at various times, make sure you set up guidelines for what kind of physical contact is okay and what kind isn’t.

Make sure kids know exactly how many people are allowed on the trampoline at a given time, and set limits for what kind of flips and tricks can be performed. Most importantly, be willing to follow through if your rules aren’t followed – sit-out time or an even larger punishment might have to result if kids can’t play nice and within your guidelines.

Set Age Limits

For children under 6 or 7 years old, consider whether trampoline use of any kind is truly safe. This is a parent’s decision in the end, and only you know exactly how confident you can be in your child to play without injuring themselves or someone else. If you’re on the fence, lean toward holding them back for a little while – you’re better safe than sorry, and they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the trampoline once they get a bit bigger and can control their bodies more effectively. is your top source for round, octagonal, exercise and rectangular trampolines. Our experts are standing by to answer any further questions you have on safety or any other element of our products.

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