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The Best Rectangle Trampolines

While the most popular and commonly seen trampolines are of the classic round variety, many jumpers out there are looking for the increased performance that comes with a rectangular trampoline. Some of the benefits of a rectangular trampoline are an increased bounce height over a larger area of the trampoline and greater durability over their round competitors. 

10 x 17’ Rectangle Pro-Line Avyna In-ground Trampoline

Rectangle Trampolines

The absolute best in class for in-ground rectangle trampolines is this Avyna 10 x 17’ in-ground trampoline. This is the largest in-ground rectangular trampoline available and your family will be in heaven with it. Due to the ease of this trampoline’s installation (with no retaining wall or kit), you will be able to install it quickly yourself or it can be installed affordably by your local landscaper. This 10 x 17’ trampoline has a generous 352 lbs. recommended weight capacity and with the even distribution of jumping height, multiple kids or adults can jump comfortably together. This is also an ideal option for families looking to support children in athletics. If you or your kids are skiers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, basketballers, or gymnasts, any of those sports will be enhanced with time spent training on this trampoline. While enclosures are always an option, an in-ground trampoline such as this model from Avyna do not require it since you are already flush with the ground. 

10 x 17’ Rectangle Pro-Line Avyna Above Ground Trampoline

Rectangle Trampolines For Sale

A sister to the previously mentioned model, this Avyna trampoline has all the durability and jumping capacity of its in-ground counterpart. Just released in 2021, this trampoline is guaranteed to bring your family bouncing happiness for years to come. The frame is backed by Avyna’s lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with this extra spacious 10 x 17 Above Ground Avyna Rectangular Trampoline. 

10 x 14’ Rectangle TDU/Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline Kit

Rectangle Trampolines USA

This rectangle trampoline kit includes everything you will need for your in-ground install. You can also add an optional trampoline safety enclosure, although it is not required with an in-ground trampoline. TDU is known for the remarkable bounce of their trampolines. This trampoline is custom made for a superior jumping experience within the conditions unique to an in-ground jumping environment, including high quality commercial grade springs, an open weave jumping mat, and a patented vented pad system. Your family will notice the difference in the bounce. In case you need one more reason to consider this trampoline, it will ship to you free. 

10 x 17’ Rectangular All American Trampoline 

Rectangle Trampolines

All American also has an offering in the 10 x 17’ rectangular arena. It is the same top quality as you expect from this brand, with ample space on its 7 x 14’ mat for more jumpers or for a single jumper to practice tricks. You can feel the quality and durability in its 13 gauge, 3” diameter galvanized steel and double support rails. 

9 x 15’ Rectangular All American Trampoline

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If you are looking for something more affordable or slightly smaller, there is a great option from All American with 9 x 15 foot dimensions to suit a yard with limited space for a trampoline. This is a commercial grade trampoline that will be a great addition to your family gymnast’s training or just for maximum fun. All American trampolines are made in the USA and, like Avyna, these trampolines have a lifetime warranty on their frame. Rest easy knowing that your trampoline investment is backed by one the best in the business.

If you have an athlete in the family, you can’t go wrong with any of the options above since rectangular trampolines are the preferred shape for gymnasts and other athletes. Look no further than trampolines for all your rectangular trampoline options and accessories.