The Best 16 Foot Trampoline

For the family that needs (or just wants) the hugest of huge trampolines, have a look at this monster 16 foot Round Medalist Trampoline. This trampoline is made to exacting standards right here in the USA. Due to its size, this trampoline actually has slightly less bounce than its 14 foot counterpart. That being said, you will be a believer when you take your first jump on this 16’ trampoline. 

What are some of the benefits you will enjoy with the purchase of this trampoline? 

Optional Safety Enclosure 

The more kids you have on the trampoline at once, and the younger your jumpers, the more you will want to consider adding the optional JumpSport 480XT enclosure. When you buy the enclosure, you will receive a ladder to enter/exit the trampoline which will also increase the safety profile for your jumpers.

Guaranteed Strength and Durability

A reinforced jump bed surface, a commercial grade frame pad, cone compressed springs, and a fully galvanized steel frame all work in harmony to make this a safe, long lasting trampoline for your family. We are so confident in this trampoline that it’s backed with a full five year warranty. The jumping weight limit for this extra large trampoline is up to 400 lbs. at one time. 

What kind of lifestyle upgrades will your family enjoy with your purchase of a 16’ Round Medalist Trampoline? More of your kids and their friends will be able to jump together on this larger jumping surface.Your kids will spend more time outdoors jumping, which will lead to an increase in their health and happiness. Your investment in a trampoline for your family will yield years of fun and family time spent together outside. Studies show that when families do physical activities together, the children have higher self confidence and reduced anxiety in children and adults. Parents and kids have better moods overall when physical activity, such as jumping on a trampoline, is part of the regular routine. 

Do you have a gymnast or other athletes in the family? Your aspiring gymnast will be set up with the ideal conditions to practice and excel at their sport in your very own backyard. The large jumping surface gives ample space to practice flips and other tumbling tricks. The trampoline will also assist in training for other sports like skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. 

This 16 foot trampoline is made in the USA, so you will be supporting America-first businesses and getting a top quality jumping experience with your purchase. is proud to carry this high quality trampoline that is 100% made in America. After a tough year economically for our country in 2020-21, you can make a difference for a local American company by purchasing this high quality trampoline. 

If the 16 foot trampoline and its attendant trade-offs are making you reconsider what other options are out there, or if you just don’t have enough yard space for the full 16 footer, you may consider a 15 foot or 14 foot round trampoline to save space and money. At, we also offer 12’ and 14’ Round Medalist Trampolines to meet your needs. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any questions or concerns about this 16 foot trampoline, don’t hesitate to chat with our qualified specialists at Whether it is this or another trampoline, we want to help you find the right option for your needs. 

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