The Best 14 Foot Trampolines

Is yours one of the thousands of American families looking for the perfect 14 foot trampoline for your yard this year? If so, has you covered with a variety of in ground 14 foot trampolines and above ground 14 foot trampolines at different price points to align with your budget. The 14 foot is the perfect size that will fit beautifully in most backyards. Here are some of our top options for 2023-24 if you are currently in the market for a 14’ trampoline. 

14’ Above Ground Trampoline

Above Ground trampolines are lower in price and fast to install. These are our top picks: 

14' Round Pro-Line Avyna Above Ground Trampoline with Optional Enclosure

Avyna consistently offers some of the most high quality trampolines you can find anywhere in the world. This trampoline frame is covered with a lifetime warranty and the mat has a 3 year warranty. If safety is a concern, you will want to add on the optional enclosure which also includes a ladder for you and your kids to safely exit and enter the trampoline enclosure. This trampoline can be yours for just 


14’ Round All American Trampoline

One of our most popular and lowest priced trampolines is this classic from All American Trampolines. As the name suggests, these trampolines are proudly made in the USA. This trampoline also ships free, so you don’t need to worry about additional costs for freight. The 14’ Round All American Trampoline is a great option if you are concerned about shopping local, affordability, and fun that will last many years to come. For your peace of mind, All American offers a lifetime frame warranty, 3 year bed warranty, 1 year stitching and pad warranty, and a 5 year spring warranty. 


14’ In-Ground Trampoline

In-ground trampolines are a great option for someone who is looking for an “invisible” trampoline experience - they don’t interrupt your view. The added benefit is that they are safer for jumpers and don’t require an enclosure (although some trampoline owners still opt for an enclosure to insure against falls off the trampoline. 

14’ Pro-Line Avyna In-Ground Flat Line Trampoline

You or your landscaper can easily install this in-ground trampoline from Avyna. It is currently on sale at $1,595, making it an affordable option for most homeowners. The benefit of an Avyna in-ground trampoline is that, unlike similar options, Avyna does not require a kit or a retaining wall to be installed. This will save you time and money on your in-ground trampoline. 




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