Springfree Trampolines for Sale

Are you researching the perfect trampoline for your backyard this summer? Trampolines.com has Springfree Trampolines for sale that will wow your family and keep them having fun year after year. 

Springfree trampolines are a new innovation that has taken the trampoline world by storm. Instead of the classic metal coiled spring, Springfree trampolines utilize a groundbreaking metal composite rod to secure the jump pad in place. The result is a jumping experience that is safer, springier, and more durable to last and last. Springfree trampolines are the only trampoline on the market that is proven to eliminate up to 90% of possible trampoline injuries! 

What else do you look for in a top of the line trampoline? Here are some of the essential features that we love and will look for in any trampoline before purchasing: 

Hidden Frame. In addition to the enhanced safety of being spring-free, the hidden frame on every Springfree trampoline is an added safety bonus. When we say hidden frame, we mean the frame is located below the jumping surface, far away from any hands or feet so there is no way to fall on it. Compare this to other frames which may come with a net but can still cause injury if you are not careful. For extra durability, the Springfree trampoline’s hidden frame is coated with three layers of rust protection to prevent flaking and peeling. If you’ve ever had a standard trampoline for more than a year or two, you know how important it is to have protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow! 

Mat with SoftEdge. With typical trampolines, the jump mat is surrounded by springs which may or may not be covered with a pad to protect jumpers from the springs. The Springfree SoftEdge is revolutionary technology. Typical spring pads cannot absorb shock like the SoftEdge, it is thirty times more shock absorbent than pads. No more worrying about your little ones being hurt on hard trampoline edges. SoftEdge to the rescue! 


Flexinet. The Springfree Flexinet™ technology is not your average trampoline net. It is built specifically for catching jumpers and keeping them safe. It is made for flexibility and not climbing. It will keep your jumpers from wayward falls off the trampoline. You, your friends, and family will enjoy hours and hours of safe fun! 

No Springs. In the past, getting your limbs caught in the springs during a trampoline session was just par for the course. Springfree trampolines have eliminated that possibility and taken trampolining into the realm of 100% fun. No more pinched toes, fingers, or clothes getting caught in springs! Flexible composite rods replace the typical springs for a durable, secure, and safe alternative to the classic trampoline springs. The Springfree composite rods are stronger than steel, but more flexible. 

Size options. How big is your yard? Do you have dedicated space for a large trampoline or do you need something smaller? No matter the size of your yard, if you have only one or two regular jumpers, you may only want and need a smaller trampoline to keep everyone happy. The spring free trampolines for sale on Trampolines.com come in two sizes: The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline and the Springfree Large Oval Trampoline. 

The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline is great for smaller families and/or smaller yards. It boasts a 7 foot 2 inch by 11 foot 10 inch trampoline footprint. The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline height is 9 feet. The jumping mat dimensions are 8 feet by 11 feet with a jumping area of 77 square feet! 

The Springfree Large Oval Trampoline comes in a little bit larger size for those with more kids to jump or more backyard space to utilize. It is the largest footprint Springfree trampoline! The Springfree Large Oval Trampoline comes with an extra large 7 foot 2 inch wide by 13 foot 5 inch long trampoline footprint. The jumping mat dimensions are quite generous at 8 feet by 13 feet. This provides you with a 92 square foot jumping surface area! This is ample space for sports practice and trampolining exercise. 

Accessories. What else do you need for a complete trampoline experience? Springfree offers accessories to enhance your enjoyment of the trampolines. The Springfree FlexrHoop is a great addition for basketball fans or those who have kids who want to spend time doing different things while jumping on the trampoline. The FlexrStep works with the medium and large Springfree trampolines to make it easier to get on and off. If you have small jumpers or some adults with limited mobility, the FlexrStep is a great accessory that will not add a hard surface to your trampoline. 

Weight limits. How many jumpers will you have on your trampoline at one time? Do you just have one athlete in the family that will use the trampoline to practice their sport? Are most of your jumpers small children or will there be many adults and young adults also jumping? For the Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline, you are looking at a 1500 weight limit. The same is true if you opt for the Springfree Large Oval Trampoline, you will also have a 1500 pound max weight limit to take into consideration. 

Warranty. What can you expect from a trampoline warranty and average trampoline lifespan? While you likely will never need to use your warranty, the length of a warranty can speak to how much a company stands behind their trampoline. Springfree Trampolines are so well built, so masterfully engineered, and use such top quality materials, that we are proud to back them with a 10 year warranty on the whole trampoline. 

Ease of Setup. While this is sometimes considered last or not at all, setting up the trampoline can obviously be a big part of the equation when you actually get it home and you want to use it. Springfree has made the process as easy as possible by creating an app on both iOS and Android. The BILT® app will take you from start to finish in your trampoline assembly. 

In summary, Springfree trampolines are the hands down winner across every category of trampoline performance and safety. Springfree Trampolines have no dangerous springs to get tangled in, no hard surfaces to bump into, soft mat edges, flexible safety enclosures, and a 100% performance rating. 

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