Springfree Trampoline Buying Guide

New trampoline buyers are often surprised to learn about the trampoline innovations of the past few decades. One of the biggest improvements came in the form of trampolines without springs. Trampolines without springs, aka Spring-free trampolines, are made with sturdy composite rods instead of springs. Spring-free trampolines are constructed with a steel frame positioned below the mat so that it is much less likely to cause any injury in the event of an accident during stunts or jumps. An old school trampoline with a spring system provides a smaller jumping area than a non-spring system. With the Springfree Trampoline, your children will be safer, have more jumping area, and you can enjoy trampolining with peace of mind.

There are a few Spring-free trampolines available, so it’s important to find the right one for your yard and family. Since Springfree trampolines are built for durability and safety, they can often come in at a higher price point than other trampolines. Additionally, they come in many sizes and shapes, so you have to know what is best for you to get the best value for your money.

Let’s go over some things that you should take into your consideration when looking for your Springfree trampoline:

Springfree Trampoline Size

The size you choose for your Springfree trampoline depends upon your needs and the space you have available in your yard for it. There must be some extra space around your Springfree trampoline for safety purposes. Moreover, there should not be anything above the Springfree trampoline so that when jumping, you do not get injuries from hitting trees, awnings, or other overhanging objects. 

In addition to the yard space requirements, it also depends upon the usage of the Springfree trampoline. If a lot of jumpers are going to be there (think your kids, their friends, the neighbors, cousins, etc.) then you will want a larger Springfree trampoline. Trampolines.com sells a medium oval Springfree trampoline (8ft x 11ft Jumping Mat Dimension) and a large oval Springfree trampoline (8ft x 13ft Jumping Mat Dimension).

Springfree Trampoline Budget

Another vital factor to consider is the money you want to invest in buying a Springfree trampoline. If you only have two or three kids who will be jumping on the Springfree trampoline, then you can save and buy the medium oval Springfree trampoline. If you have more kids, especially if one or more will be using the trampoline to practice for a sport, you will want to invest in the large oval Springfree trampoline. 

Springfree Trampoline Safety and Longevity

Most families look to Springfree trampolines for their superior safety profile, and expect them to last for a long time. They are made with three layers of rust protection and flexible composite rods instead of springs for industry-leading durability. You can rest assured that your Springfree trampoline investment was built to last for many years to come. 

For additional safety on your Springfree trampoline, it will come with a FlexiNet safety enclosure to prevent falls. 

How is the Bounce? 

Springfree trampolines are designed differently from conventional trampolines, which makes this a fair question. Springfree trampolines are as bouncy as regular spring trampolines. A traditional trampoline bounces because of its metal springs, which are connected by a horizontal connection to the jumping surface.

With a Springfree trampoline the flexible rods and their placement underneath the edge of the jumping surface allow for an even better bounce. 

Benefits of Springfree Trampoline

Regular exercise is known to have many benefits, but most of us have trouble sticking to a set exercise schedule. A Springfree Trampoline is an easy way to get you and your family excited about exercise again. Once you purchase your own, your kids will want to spend countless hours jumping. 

Efficient Exercise

If you spend 10 minutes jumping on a Springfree Trampoline, it is equivalent to 30 minutes running on a treadmill. A NASA study concluded that jumping is 68% more effective than running. Getting in a great workout with less time and more fun is a unique experience you can only get by jumping on a trampoline.  

Springfree Safety

It's also safer to bounce on a trampoline that does not have springs.One of the biggest opportunities for injuries on a regular trampoline is falling on the springs. Many of these injuries can be avoided by using a Springfree trampoline.

  •       Feet and toes can’t get caught in flexible rods.
  •       When you jump, the edge of the surface is protected by the shock-absorbing Mat with SoftEdge.
  •       The safety enclosure with FlexiNet cushions wayward jumpers.
  •       Falling out of a trampoline is prevented by the safety enclosure.

Cardiovascular Fitness

An aerobic jumping workout on a trampoline helps maintain cardiovascular fitness, as it is a moderate to high intensity exercise. When you jump, your heart rate will increase while you spend less time on exercise.

Mental Health

Spending time outside jumping on a trampoline alone or with loved ones can make you feel happy, confident, and optimistic. When you jump, your brain releases endorphins, a positive mood-enhancing neurotransmitter. Aside from being fun, jumping up and down is also good for your brain health. Give it a try and watch the moods and mental health of your entire family improve.

Low Impact Exercise

It is a low-impact exercise to jump on a Springfree Trampoline. It is estimated that the trampoline mat absorbs 80% of the shock incurred by jumpers as they accelerate and decelerate vertically. Your hips, knees, and ankles already take a lot of abuse throughout a hectic day, so having a joint-friendly exercise like jumping can be a lifesaver.

Is it worth investing in a Springfree trampoline?

The purpose of the best trampolines is to provide safe and fun entertainment. There are countless hours of feel-good fun to be had with either spring trampolines or Springfree trampolines. Does it make sense to invest in a Springfree trampoline? Look no further than Trampolines.com for the Springfree trampolines that will have your family exercising and getting some fresh air together in no time.

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