Some Non-Bounce Ways to Enjoy Your Trampoline

Whether it’s you, your children or their friends, we all know trampolines are fun for the whole family and more. From exercise to leisure and everything in between, there are no shortage of activities to keep people of all ages engaged and enjoying themselves. At, our products combine the safety and reliability you demand with everything necessary to put a new fun factory in your backyard.

Maybe you didn’t know, though, that trampolines can offer just as much entertainment to you – and especially to your kids – even when no one is jumping on it. There are tons of ways to use a trampoline for non-physical activities, too. Let’s check out a few of them.


Every group of kids has a different name for these, but whether they’re forts, cubbies, caves or tents, a trampoline represents a perfect place for your kids and their friends to set up home base. Raised trampolines offer a roof for them to build around, and grounded trampolines offer a floor.

This is an excellent baseline for both individual and group activities. When that birthday party gets a bit too crazy for inside the house, send the kids to the base and create an activity. A trampoline is the perfect vehicle to keep things fun around the house.

Family Picnic

Especially with raised trampolines – which naturally offer more protection from ants, bugs and dirt – a picnic is another great activity. It’s a perfect flat surface to lay out a blanket and some food, and it turns into a way for the kids to work off that sugar rush once the meal is finished. Convenience and comfort are just a few steps away for this family gathering.

Arts and Crafts

Tired of your kids expressing themselves artistically on your walls or floors? The trampoline can be a great outlet. Our products at will easily wash away chalk – the rain will naturally do the trick for you even if you don’t feel like getting the hose out.

You can even infuse artistic passion with some good exercise: Have your kids draw themselves hopscotch squares or an obstacle course to stoke their creativity, and then have them work through them to get the blood flowing. It’s a win-win.

A Night at the Theater

Whether it’s a movie night with the laptop or something even cuter like getting the kids to perform their puppet show before bed, a trampoline offers a built-in stage and plenty of seating space. The whole family can attend the theater without leaving the backyard!

Want to learn more? At, we provide the best trampoline products and accessories, plus years of expertise and know-how. Our friendly service staff is standing by to assist you.

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