Neil Patrick Harris' Wondercade Inground Trampoline Project

One team highlight last year started with an email from Wondercade, the lifestyle blog and website of Neil Patrick Harris, the television, movie and Broadway star. They asked, “Would we be interested in collaborating on an inground trampoline installation for Neil?” As long-time fans, and the opportunity to work with Wondercade,  our response was, “You bet your Doogie Howser’s we would!”

Neil Patrick Harris' Wondercade Inground Trampoline Project

The project wasn’t just any ordinary installation though – it was a double 10x17 Avyna inground trampoline installation with matching LED light systems. A double installation is a really fun choice, but requires some additional planning. We were definitely up for the challenge!

Leading the installation on this project was Max Alegria, owner of Sebonac Creek Landscape. Max is a true landscape professional and from the start, had some great ideas about the installation. We started with a pre-meet on Zoom to review the project. Having a great landscaper is really important for a big installation like this one.

Finally, it was installation day. We met on a hot, humid Wednesday morning at Neil’s house, which coming from the dry desert of Utah, can be a bit of a shock! Max had thought a lot about this project and had a game plan ready to go. He dug the holes while we assembled the trampolines.  Once the holes were dug and prepped (weed barrier and rocks for drainage), the inground frames were installed.  We then added the LED lights, and finished by adding the springs and the jump mat. Max then laid fresh sod around the trampolines for a great finishing touch.

The last step – the big reveal! Neil’s family really enjoyed the inground trampolines – checkout NPH's Instagram Reel that has over 3.4 MILLION VIEWS!  His daughter looks like a pro!

Neil Patrick Harris' Wondercade Inground Trampoline Project

Feedback is also wonderful to receive.  Here’s the review from the installation: This trampoline is a must-have for anyone looking for more levity and fun in their lives! Easy to install, and absolutely worth every penny. It's become the main attraction at our house for family and friends of all ages. As David Lee Roth once proclaimed, ‘Might as well JUMP!’

Wondercade, thanks for a fantastic project! It was great working with you and we hope Neil, David and their family enjoy their inground trampolines for many years to come!

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