LED Trampoline Lighting System

Are you looking for an awesome way to up the excitement for your next backyard get together? Look no further than an LED trampoline lighting system to keep the party going long past sunset! An LED lighting system will have your kids begging to stay on the trampoline, getting extra exercise and spending more time together away from the TV. What do you need to know when it comes to LED trampoline lighting? Our LED trampoline lighting buying guide will answer your most pressing questions so you can get set up with a light-up trampoline in no time. 

Can an LED trampoline lighting system kit be remote controlled? 

Yes! The TDU trampoline lighting kit comes with a UHF remote with a range of up to 200 feet. In addition to the normal power features, the UHF remote can also control the color options of the lighting as well as the speed of the color rotation on the color changing RGBW light module. 

What kind of connection is needed? 

A standard 110v outlet is all you will need to power up your LED trampoline lighting system. If you are currently in the process of installing your new trampoline, you will want to install the power outlet inside the retaining wall during the installation. If your trampoline is already there or if you have a nearby outlet already (on the exterior of your home or in another area of the yard), you can simply connect to it with an all-weather extension cord. 

Which trampolines are compatible with an LED trampoline lighting system? 

The LED trampoline lighting will work with both in ground rectangle and in ground round trampolines. The LED trampoline light rope is approximately 44 feet long. The LED light rope fits in ground round trampolines in sizes of 12 feet, 13 feet or 14 feet. 

The LED lighting system will not fully fit around the 10 foot by 14 foot and 10 foot by 17 foot rectangle trampolines. The rope light will fit around three sides and light up the entire area under the trampoline, so it is still a popular choice for owners of the larger rectangle trampolines. 

What is included in the LED trampoline lighting system kit? 

LED Lighting System Parts List:  

  • 14 foot Round LED Strip light system  
  • UHF Remote  
  • 2 AAA batteries  
  • RGBW color Changing Light Module  
  • 110 volt connection plug (6’ extension) 
  • 44 Mounting clips and Screws

What is involved in LED trampoline lighting installation? 

LED trampoline lighting installation is straightforward and easy. Whether your trampoline has been there for years or is being installed right now, it is simple to add in a fun rope light with our LED trampoline lighting system. 

If your in ground trampoline is already installed, you will first need to remove the jump mat, safety pad, and springs so that you can access the inside of the retaining wall. If you are in the process of setting up the trampoline, install the LED lighting once the retaining wall and trampoline have been built and installed. 

For the installation, you will need a power drill and a power outlet or an extension cord. The power outlet should be installed inside the retaining wall, in a nearby planter bed, or an extension cord to connect to the nearest outlet. 

The power inverter/control module must be drilled into the retaining wall three inches under the trampoline frame horizontal to the trampoline top tube. Next you will begin installing the provided rope light clips around the perimeter of the retaining wall. Install clips all the way around the retaining wall, about one every sixteen to eighteen inches. 

Once the clips are installed, start placing the lights in the clips facing toward the center of the trampoline pit. Keep the rope light pulled tight as you place it in the clips all the way around the retaining wall. Attach the six foot plug extension to the control module. Once the lighting system is plugged into your power outlet, use the remote to turn on the lights! 


The LED trampoline lighting kit comes with everything you need to get more fun and more hours out of your trampoline jumping time. With fast, free shipping and easy installation, why not light up your trampoline today? Your next kid’s birthday party, hanging out on a warm summer evening, or looking at the stars together as a family, are all opportunities to amp up the enjoyment of your trampoline. Your friends and family will love it! 

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