In Ground Rectangle Trampolines For Sale

Trampolines are a perennial favorite activity for families looking to enjoy some quality time together at home. Parents love trampolines because they help kids get their energy out and get that much needed exercise. But oftentimes, people looking at trampolines as first time buyers are not sure what to make of all the options. The most commonly seen type of trampolines are circular, but there are many benefits to be found in a rectangular trampoline that may be of interest for you and your family. 

What is the size and shape of your yard? Aesthetically speaking, a rectangular trampoline could follow the lines of your backyard’s corners to fit in more snugly and more attractively than a round trampoline in an angular yard shape. Consider where you will be placing the trampoline, and whether round or rectangular would fit your needs.

What else do you have in your backyard? Along the same discussion lines as above, space utilization may be a factor in your decision. A rectangular trampoline can be put into a corner where you get more bounce area per square foot of trampoline space required than a round trampoline would. You will need a relatively flat area for the trampoline, and you may not want to put it underneath trees since they can be both a hazard for jumpers and a nuisance if leaves and other debris fall onto the trampoline. 

What is the total weight of all the jumpers you will have on the trampoline at one time? Rectangular trampolines typically have a higher maximum weight limit than round trampolines. This can be a huge advantage if you have older jumpers or neighbors, cousins, etc. who will be jumping on the trampoline with your kids. 

How concerned are you about getting maximum bounce height? Rectangular trampolines are able to achieve higher bounce heights than circular trampolines. They also have more spots where you can achieve that higher bounce height. Whereas a round trampoline only has one sweet spot for max bounce height - one, in the center of the circle - rectangle trampolines have three sweet spots. This means more fun for more jumpers, and opportunities for athletic improvement for youth doing gymnastics or practicing for other sports.

How old are the people who will be jumping on the trampoline, and how many jumpers do you have? Round trampolines are ideal for younger jumpers. As mentioned above, they do not have the bounce height that you get with a rectangular trampoline. In addition to that, they are similar to a hammock in that jumpers are angled back toward the center of the circle with each jump. The center is also where children will congregate for max bounce height, avoiding the edges where they would be more likely to bounce off the trampoline. 

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