Health Benefits of Trampoline Play

Many of us have memories of long childhood days spent jumping on trampolines. In all the fun and sunshine, fitness was probably the furthest thing from our minds. But jumping on a trampoline is in fact, one of the easiest, and most enjoyable ways to improve your health. Today there are even trampoline-based exercise classes popping up at gyms all over the country. 

Here are some of the health benefits of trampoline play for those of you who need yet another excuse to get out and get in some quality jumping time today. 

Strength: Increase the muscle tone in your legs, glutes, back, and core with time spent jumping on a trampoline. The bouncing motion increases strength in your lower body while sparing your joints. Other repetitive moves like running or stair climbing can cause wear and pain to your joints over time. On a trampoline, the jump pad absorbs much of the impact, meaning your knees will be happier for longer as compared to other exercise options.

Fresh air: Fresh air and vitamin D from the sun are two important factors in health and well-being. Jumping on a trampoline is a good excuse to get the kids away from the screens and spend some quality time jumping together in the backyard. 

Cardiovascular endurance: Jumping on a trampoline is an incredibly efficient way to get your heart rate high and keep it there for an extended period. This conditions your heart and lung capacity, lowers blood pressure, and helps you perform better at many other sports and activities. 

Weight loss: Along with cardiovascular fitness, many of us are looking for ways to burn extra calories every day. Trampoline exercise aids in weight loss by building muscle and burning fat when done regularly for a sufficient amount of time. Studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline for one hour burns more calories than the same amount of time spent jogging. 

Skill building: Doing gymnastics and other moves besides straight jumping can be helpful in other sports. This type of cross-training can increase your enjoyment of time spent on and off the trampoline. 

Lymphatic stimulation: The specific type of exercise you get from bouncing on a trampoline is very beneficial to your lymphatic system, a multi-function sub-system of your immune system. The more you move, the more your lymphatic system is activated, and the healthier you get. There are not many other ways to move around that much, all while having a blast. 

Balance: Everyone from children to seniors can improve their stability with regular trampoline exercise. This means a decreased likelihood of sustaining a falling injury, which can benefit us all as we age. Get your kids jumping young for lifelong balance improvement, and always take care when starting a jumping regimen in your older years. 

Fun: For many reluctant exercisers, it is hard to maintain a regular fitness routine due to lack of interest over time. Many of us start off with grand plans of one hour in the gym every day, but treadmills, weight rooms, and aerobics classes are not for everyone. Some of us long to be outdoors or spending time with others. Trampolining is a refreshing new form of exercise that many people are able to stick with simply because it’s more fun than other types of fitness plans. It can also be done together with friends, family, neighbors, or all on your own, which can help you stay engaged in living an active lifestyle. Laughter and spending time with loved ones, both of which are facilitated by trampoline play, are also beneficial to our health and longevity. 


We’ve gone over the health benefits of jumping on a trampoline. Whether you need to lose weight, work on your balance, or get some extra vitamin D, all those health benefits are just a few jumps away. So, what are you waiting for? Check out some of our great deals on high quality trampolines, and start improving your family’s health today. We have varying sizes, shapes, and price ranges to meet whatever your family needs to get jumping today. Also check out our accessories such as bounce boards and balls to keep up the fitness and fun for years to come.

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