Get the Ultimate Summer Fun Package with the Inground Bundle Sale

The Avyna Pro Line Trampoline is the perfect addition to your backyard. This trampoline is designed for superior safety and performance, making it a great choice for families and experienced athletes alike. The frame of this trampoline is constructed with galvanized steel, which is strong enough to provide optimal bounce and support but also lightweight. The jumping mat of this trampoline is made out of heavy-duty PVC material, providing superior cushioning that helps reduce the impact on joints while still allowing plenty of airtime. The extra wide surface area ensures you have ample room to jump—the ideal setup for any aspiring gymnast or daredevil!

Safety First

The Pro Line Trampoline also includes a sturdy safety enclosure, providing a secure environment for the most daring of jumps. It features an extra large entryway and is made out of durable polyester netting that can be easily removed or attached when needed. To ensure maximum user safety, this trampoline also comes with special shock-absorbing springs so strong landings won't cause jarring impacts.

The Avyna Pro Line Trampoline is designed to give you years of reliable use, making it an excellent investment for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're looking for an exciting activity for your family or trying to get some pro-level airtime in your backyard, this trampoline has something to offer everyone. With superior build quality and safety features, the Avyna Pro Line of Trampolines are sure to provide an enjoyable experience for all.

Now that you know what the Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline has to offer, it's time to make a splash in your backyard! With this trampoline, bouncing will be safer and more fun than ever before. So don't wait—get your trampoline today and start enjoying some exciting outdoor entertainment with friends and family. Who knows, your family may even have the next pro-level trickster!

Summer Deals is proud to offer multiple Avyna Inground Trampoline Bundles to amp up your summer fun this year. With these bundles you can choose from a 10’ x 14’ rectangle, 10’ x 17’ rectangle, 15’ round, 14’ round, or a  12’ round inground trampoline kit. Each kit comes with the trampoline and all components, plus fun LED lights and a cover. You can save hundreds of dollars on your inground trampoline kit by purchasing one of these bundles. 

The AVYNA Pro Line Rectangle and Round Inground Trampoline Kits with LED Lights and Cover are an economical way to keep your children safe and happy while they’re bouncing. The trampolines include a unique U-shaped steel frame, which ensures superior stability and strength. The heavy duty rust-proof galvanized steel prevents corrosion from the elements and provides long-lasting durability for years of use. These trampolines come with reinforced T-hooks for easy assembly and disassembly. With the spring bundle sale your trampoline kit will include a full safety enclosure netting system to provide a secure environment for your kids.

Quality Components

These round/rectangle inground trampolines also feature high performance, UV-resistant springs that are strategically placed around the trampoline to ensure maximum bounce. The springs are also covered with thick PVC foam padding that is weatherproof and provides extra safety for those landing on the trampoline. Your kit even includes LED lights to light up this trampoline! These light up your yard at night so you can enjoy an evening of fun under the stars. Plus, a durable safety net cover with UV protection is also included in this bundle sale, keeping your trampoline protected from dirt, dust, pests and more.

With its U-shaped frame construction and additional accessories such as LED lights and a protective cover, the AVYNA Pro Line Inground Trampolines with LED Lights and Cover are an amazing way to keep your kids active and entertained. Get this bundle sale now for an affordable price and start bouncing! Your family will have the best time when you get this trampoline package from AVYNA. Get yours today and start jumping. Go to for superior service and great deals on inground trampoline kit bundles.

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