Four things to check when you de-winterize your trampoline...

Spring is here and it’s time to say good-bye to winter and get your trampoline back outside and ready for the kids to play on. Depending on how you decided to “winterize” your trampoline, here are at least four things that we recommend you review.

  1. Check the frame for rust and or any bent pieces. Hopefully, your trampoline was put away in a dry storage location to prevent rust. Rust, especially if it’s severe may mean it’s time for a new frame. This is the key structural element of your trampoline so it is very important that you make sure it’s in good condition.
  1. Examine the springs. Springs create much of the bounce and can get stretched out or become rusty themselves. Often ordering an entire new batch of trampoline springs  can bring a trampoline completely back to life.
  1. Review the mat. Make sure that there are no small tears or other issues with the mat. Mats that have been left out all winter may stretch or lose some of their spring, especially if they’ve held amounts of snow for periods of time.
  1. Check the safety enclosure. This is an important part of your trampoline. Ensure that the bolts that hold the enclosure in place have been tightened and are good to go for another summer. Also, make sure that the enclosure is properly secured and there are no gaps between the mat and the netting.

 If you have any questions about “de-winterizing” your trampoline, don’t hesitate to give us call at or send an email. We’re happy to help you get your trampoline back into shape and ready for the summer!

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