Five Tips to Finding the Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

Tip #1 Backyard Access

Easy backyard access is a big part of the installation process – easy access equals a happy landscaper. 8 feet clearance is standard for any kind of excavator or digger. If your space is not excavator accessible, you’ll want to look for landscapers with access to crews (meaning they will have to dig by hand). Some landscapers may have a smaller excavator and require less space so make sure you share this information with your prospective landscaper when you make your initial call.

Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

Tip #2 Landscaper Types (they are not all the same)

Landscapers specialize in different services (lawns, general maintenance, excavation, tree services, concrete etc.). Look for a landscaper that either has direct experience with inground trampolines or mentions services like excavation, hardscapes, zeroscapes, new lawn installations, or general landscape.

Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

Tip #3 811 - Call Before You Dig is a must!

This is a super important detail that is often overlooked. Make sure your landscaper is going to contact Blue Stakes, so they can have all information regarding important gas, electricity, or water pipelines in proximity to your project space. If they don’t do this as part of their service, that’s a major red flag.

Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

Tip #4 Consider advanced options

Be sure to discuss with your landscaper the possibility of any advanced options regarding your installation. Installs often require sprinkler rerouting and grass repair, make sure they will provide these services or that you are willing to do them yourself. Also see if they are willing to add a weed barrier or 2-3 inches of gravel to help with drainage. If you live in a really wet climate, or have non-porous dirt in your area (like clay) ask your landscaper for options like a french drain or a soakaway. These are cost effective additions for wet climate installations.

Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

Tip #5 Pricing

It’s always helpful to understand your pricing market and some of the factors that might contribute to it. These include if you’re wanting dirt removal, if your project space is excavator accessible, if your project requires any other kind of construction, and which trampoline you’re thinking of having installed. Installations usually run anywhere from $2k - $5k depending on complexity of the installation, additional add-ons like dirt removal, weed barrier, gravel, grass repair, sprinkler line rerouting, and geographic market location.

Perfect Inground Trampoline Installer

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