Common Trampoline Products

We all like to see children outdoors having fun and being active; one of the best ways to keep them moving when they are outside is with a trampoline. Trampoline’s can make for hours of outdoor fun for children and adults.

While the trampoline is a good start there are some other products that will want to get to ensure a fun and safe trampoline experience.

Trampoline Safety Products

Safety Net

As a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle the common goal is to be sure our little ones are always safe and secure this why it is highly suggested to invest in a heavy-duty safety net before letting them jump n the trampoline.

Not too long ago safety nets for trampolines were a hard to find product, now most backyard trampolines come standard with a safety net.

Trampoline Ladder

Amazingly, several trampoline injuries are sustained when climbing on and off the trampoline. Securing a permanent ladder to your trampoline will make the process less dangerous, and easier for little children to get on and off independently.   

Spring Pad

A spring pad is a mat that is placed around the trampoline covering the springs and the outer frame. This will help users to avoid stepping or landing on the frame, and hurting their feet.

Trampoline Life Longevity Products

Replacement Springs

Although they are not the most exciting trampoline product you will purchase, you will want to order replacement springs if you notice your springs are wearing or something just doesn’t look right. Good trampoline care means checking the frame and springs regularly.

Weather Covers

The greatest way to add years to your trampoline is to shield it from harsh weather conditions. Although your trampoline may have advertised that it is UV resistant, the sun has a way of wearing down products over time.

In addition you will want to keep it covered during the harsh winter months as they can really shorten the life of your trampoline.

Trampoline Stakes

Stakes are a great way to defend your trampoline and the surrounding areas from damage. Trampolines have been known to get picked up during heavy winds and smash into houses and cars.

Finally, have some fun! Once you have safety under control go out and get some fun trampoline accessories like a trampoline basketball hoop or a bounce board.

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