Don't Forget this One Essential Trampoline Accessory - the Anchor Kit

We had a windstorm here recently and unfortunately it took out just about everything.  Trees were down, shingles were blown off roofs, and even heavy highway signs were blown askew.  These are the things that can happen when high wind gusts hit.   The other items that I saw far too many of were pictures of trampolines that had been literally picked up and blown away.   We’re not just talking a few feet or yards, we’re talking about blocks away.   The trampoline mats act like sails or kites in the wind, and despite heavy frames, a good enough wind can make them become airborne.  Not only is this bad for the trampoline, it’s also really bad for anything or anyone that may get in its way.  

The good news is that much of this is preventable!  How so?  We always recommend when customers ask us, “What’s the one accessory we should get for our trampoline?”  It’s not the basketball hoop or one of the hoppy balls (although both are great)… we recommend the

  The Anchor Kit comes with four heavy (and long) metallic corkscrews that literally get twisted into the ground.  These corkscrews are then attached by heavy straps to the trampoline frame.  When attached properly, the wind stress is distributed equally throughout the trampoline.  This helps hold the trampoline in place during bad climate weather and winds.  Here’s the anchor kit we offer:


Note - most anchor kit manufacturers warn against very high winds and/or tornadoes.  In both cases, trampolines should be moved to secure locations and/or at least have the jumping mat removed which can act as a sail in the wind.  For moderate wind conditions, however, the anchor kit is the perfect solution for helping to protect your investment in your trampoline.  They are fairly easy to install and can help with peace of mind.

Examples of what you don’t want to happen to your trampoline:

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