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Best Outdoor Trampolines with Safety Enclosure

Best Outdoor Trampolines with Safety Enclosure

Is your family in need of something fun to do this year? It can be tough with children of varying ages, abilities, and interests to find something fun and active that everyone can enjoy. But, we are here to tell you that with an outdoor trampoline, your kids of all ages will be ecstatic. There are a few features to look for if you want the best outdoor trampoline with safety enclosure:

1. Warranty

A 10-year manufacturers warranty on the frame and  one year warranty on the pad is the standard. Our two most popular trampolines offer lifetime warranties on the frame and three year warranties on the pad. This is a generous warranty that shows you how confident we are in these two high quality trampolines: 

10x17' Pro-Line Avyna Above Ground Rectangle Trampoline

14' Round Pro-Line Avyna Above Ground Trampoline - Optional Enclosure

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2. Safety

Safety enclosures are an important feature to keep your jumpers safe. Avyna takes trampoline safety nets seriously with state of the art technology to make it safe to jump while preserving the fun. Rounded poles give ample space inside for jumping while maintaining a fall-free environment that you can trust for your kids. Placement of the trampoline safety net on the outside of the jump pad makes it so that jumpers can use the pad to stand and take breaks. 

3. Engineering 

Both Avyna trampolines are designed and built to the high quality standards of engineering that you’ve come to expect from European products. A 352 lbs. weight limit on both the 10 x 17’ Rectangle and 14’ Round trampolines makes them some of the strongest trampolines on the market. All your kids and their friends will be able to jump at once!  

4. Durability 

As evidenced by the industry-best warranty, Avyna stands by the durability of their trampolines. The trampolines are outfitted with double galvanized steel springs to keep the jump pad taut for years of high bouncing fun.

5. Installation 

These large rectangle and circular trampolines are specifically designed for homeowners’ ease of use. Avyna made them for a straightforward above-ground outdoor install.

6. Extras

For extra safety getting on and off the trampoline, each Avyna trampoline includes a free ladder. Free next day shipping is another bonus. Get your trampoline delivered and set up this week! 

Why get a trampoline this summer? 

1. Exercise 

Your kids will love having something fun to do. You’ll love how much exercise they get by jumping. Bouncing on a trampoline will provide hours of enjoyment while boosting your kids’ cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and balance. And yours too if you spend time jumping! 

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2. Quality Time

How many times have your kids fought over a toy, a device, or what TV show to watch? A trampoline will have them all entertained and loving every minute together. Instead of arguing, they’ll be bonding. Spending time jumping together will be a cherished family activity that they will remember for their entire lives. 

3. Vitamin D 

Time spent outside in the sunshine helps our body to generate vitamin D, which is essential to a healthy immune system. A trampoline will provide another activity to entice your kids to spend time outdoors, one they will want to do! 

4. Sports 

Trampoline practice is great cross training for multiple sports that your kids may be involved in. Whether they need to work on balance, air awareness, or strength, a trampoline will be great for your kids’ sports ability when school starts up again in the fall.

5. Cost + Convenience

A trampoline can be cheaper than a vacation, doesn’t require you to drive the kids anywhere to be entertained, and will provide hours of play time for your kids and their friends with minimal effort from you. 

6. Safety 

Having your kids enjoying themselves in your own backyard gives you the peace of mind of knowing where they are and what they are up to. 

We’ve taken out all the guesswork for you and found two great quality trampolines to choose from. These easy to install outdoor trampolines will guarantee that your kids will love you for years to come. Go for a large rectangle trampoline if you have many jumpers or if you have an athlete needing to practice flips or other tricks. Try a round trampoline for fewer jumpers or if you’re in search of the ultimate bounce.  Avyna makes the best outdoor above ground trampolines and we are proud to offer them to you at great prices that are affordable for any family. Chat with one of our specialists if you have any questions, or order today!

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