Best Budget-Friendly In-Ground Trampoline Kits for Small Backyards with Safety Features

Trampolines have long been a way to encourage active play and outdoor fun, but for many, the thought of a large, bulky trampoline sitting in their backyard is less than ideal. Compact, inground trampoline kits are the perfect solution, providing all the enjoyment of a traditional style while maintaining your outdoor aesthetic. Today we’ll explore the best options for those with limited space and a budget, without compromising on the safety features that will provide peace of mind. 

Factors to Consider for Small Backyards

When shopping for an inground trampoline, the term 'one size fits all' doesn’t cut it. Space is a premium in a small yard, and the size and shape of the available area, along with installation requirements and safety features, must be tailored to suit.

Size and Shape Restrictions

Compact doesn’t mean small. You want a trampoline that can comfortably fit in your yard without crowding it. Inground trampolines come in round and rectangular shapes, and you should measure your space to ensure the shape you want will fit. One important factor is ensuring there is ample space around the trampoline. 

Installation Requirements

Some kits may require more manual labor or technical expertise to install, which might not be the best for those with limited time or DIY skills. Look for kits that offer simple installation methods, detailed instructions, and support from knowledgeable staff like our team at 

Safety Features to Prioritize

The reason you're opting for an inground trampoline is often to enhance safety. Look for features such as high-quality enclosure nets, durable padding, and a sturdy frame. The springs should also be covered, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the trampoline lasts longer.

Top Budget-Friendly In-ground Trampoline Kits

Considering the above factors, let's look at some of the top-rated budget options available. 

10'x17' Rectangle Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

10'x14' Rectangle Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

15' Round Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

14' Round Pro-Line Inground Trampoline + LED Lights + Cover

All of these options include the in-ground trampoline, installation kits, LED Lights and a trampoline cover. The kits are on sale at great prices with our New Year Bundle Sale

Comparison of Safety Features

When it comes to inground trampolines, never compromise on safety. Let's break down the most important features for each of the above kits.

Enclosure Design and Quality

The enclosure is your first line of defense. These Pro-Line trampolines from Avyna feature optional safety enclosures that are UV-resistant and tightly woven. The entrance/exit of the trampoline is lockable to keep kids on or off the trampoline as needed.  

Padding and Spring Cover

The quality of the padding and spring cover is crucial for injury prevention. All kits provide ample padding, but the included Avyna cover is an excellent addition that ensures the springs and jump mat resist damage and deterioration over time, regardless of the weather.

Sturdy Frame Construction

The frame provides the structure and support of your trampoline. All four kits listed above feature heavy gauge steel frames that are rust-resistant. The trampolines feature eight frame sections for maximum stability. 

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The real test comes from those who have purchased and used the product. Positive reviews often highlight the ease of installation, the peace of mind from the durable build, and the excitement from their families. The round Avyna trampolines, in particular, have been praised for their durability and space-saving features, while the rectangular in-ground trampolines from Avyna have garnered attention for the superior bounce they provide.

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