All About Avyna Pro-Line Trampolines

Are Avyna Pro-Line Trampolines suitable for outdoor use? 

The answer is yes! These trampolines are designed to stand up to the challenges of outdoor use. They feature a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame with UV protection, making them highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. This makes them perfect for outdoor use in backyards, schools, or parks.

Avyna Pro-Line trampolines are renowned for their incredible durability. Made from the highest quality materials, these trampolines provide many years of intense bouncing fun with minimal upkeep and maintenance. The galvanized steel frames are rust proof and designed to last for decades, while the double-stitched UV resistant jumping mats can easily withstand years of use without fading or damaging. To further increase longevity and safety, each trampoline comes with a safety netting system that is designed to not only keep jumpers safe but also provide additional support when the trampoline's frame is in motion.

The trampolines also feature a thick 10x10” frame padding, providing superior support and safety while jumping. Additionally, the high-density polyethylene mesh netting ensures more reliable bounce performance and adds an extra layer of safety should you decide to jump outdoors.

For added convenience, this trampoline comes partially assembled, making it particularly easy to set up in your backyard. The trampoline also comes with a ladder for quick access and an anchor kit so you can secure it safely outdoors.

All of these features make Avyna Pro-Line Trampolines a great option for outdoor use. They provide superior bounce performance, safety, and durability that will last for years to come. So if you’re looking for a reliable trampoline that can stand up to the outdoors, this is definitely the one for you.

Avyna Pro-Line trampolines are some of the most durable and reliable products on the market. They are designed to provide years of bouncing fun without compromising safety or quality, making them a great choice for families that are looking for a long lasting trampoline. With minimal maintenance required and an impressive warranty period, these trampolines are sure to keep bouncing for years to come.

What is the Installation Process? 

Installing an Avyna Pro-Line trampoline is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few hours. The trampoline comes with all the necessary pieces and hardware, so there's no need to search for extra parts. With clear instructions and little effort, anyone will have their new trampoline up in no time.

First thing first: Choose the perfect spot for your trampoline. Make sure it's on level ground and has enough space around it for safety reasons. Then unpack all the individual components of the trampoline from the box, along with any tools you may need (screwdriver, pliers etc).

The next step is to assemble the frame of the trampoline. All the components of the frame are marked with numbers and letters that correspond to the assembly instructions. Once all pieces are put together, you can begin to attach the springs. The installation is a bit more difficult here as it requires both hands and some strength as you secure each spring individually to the frame.

Once this step is completed, stretch out the trampoline mat over the framework and start connecting it. This part of installation requires an extra set of helping hands holding down one section of the mat while attaching it to another. If done properly, your mat should be completely stretched out without wrinkles or folds in less than an hour.

Finally, test out your new trampoline before use by bouncing around on it. Make sure to check for any discrepancies in the frame or mat such as loose parts, tears, or holes. With a few simple steps and some dedication, you're now ready to jump into hours of fun with your new Avyna Pro-Line trampoline! Enjoy!

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The Avyna Pro Line trampoline is the perfect summer addition for your backyard. This 12-foot, in-ground trampoline comes with LED lights and a weatherproof cover, making it an ideal choice for entertaining friends or just having fun on hot summer days. The durable steel frame can hold up to 400 pounds, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a safe and secure bouncing experience. The mesh safety net provides added protection while you’re jumping around, and the galvanized springs provide superior bounce performance. Plus, this package includes installation hardware so you can set it up quickly and easily. With its bright colors and durable construction, this trampoline is sure to be the hit of any party or gathering. Get yours today and have fun all summer long!

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