5 Reasons You Should Have an In-Ground Trampoline

Trampolines are one of the top ways to make your backyard more inviting, encouraging your kids to get outside and to get some exercise and vitamin D. While all of that may be true, many homeowners are still not excited about the prospect of having a large trampoline taking up space in their yard, obstructing their view, and getting in the way of mowing the grass, etc. We are here to tell you that an in-ground trampoline will solve all of your trampoline woes and be an asset to your family home. With just a little bit of planning and prep work up front, you can have a yard with a trampoline that your family loves, without any of the drawbacks that might make you hesitant to go for an in-ground trampoline.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a trampoline and why you should install it in the ground in your yard: 

  1. Everyone in your family will love it. A trampoline is one of those investments that will pay off for years down the road. Young kids love it, older kids love it, even many adults love it. Jumping on a trampoline provides hours of exercise, fun, and screen-free enjoyment of each other’s company. 

You will find that it increases your children’s athleticism and their well-being. Trampolines can also help anyone of any age by improving their coordination, balance, posture, and even motor skills. Jumping regularly can make your bones stronger and develop a variety of muscles throughout the body, including your legs, back, abs, glutes, and neck. Being outdoors and getting sunshine while getting exercise is a great way for kids to get extra vitamin D. Kids who exercise during the day tend to get better sleep at night. There are so many benefits, your family will love you for getting them a trampoline.

  1. Your backyard will look nicer with the trampoline out of sight. Now that you know you want a trampoline, let’s talk about the logistics. The in-ground trampoline concept is simple. You dig (or pay someone to dig) a hole in the ground the size of your trampoline, reinforce the walls, and install the trampoline so it is flush with the ground in your yard. There are many benefits to this type of setup. One of the biggest benefits for most in-ground trampoline owners is that your trampoline is flush with the ground and you do not have it obstructing the view of your yard. The metal frame and underside of the trampoline will be hidden, so your yard will maintain the same flat appearance as if it were all grass. 

  1. Installing the trampoline in the ground protects it from weather. Another great perk is that you don’t have to worry about the wind moving your trampoline. In certain areas, strong gusts of wind have been known to move trampolines, even out of the yards of the owners! The in-ground trampoline is protected from this type of weather so you don’t need to worry about tethering or anchoring it if you live in an area where gusts of wind are capable of occasionally moving patio furniture or other large, heavy objects in your yard.  

  1. You don’t need a ladder to enter/exit the trampoline surface. With an in-ground trampoline, there is less space from the trampoline to the ground around it. Kids (and adults!) can walk on and walk off. WIth an above ground trampoline, they usually stand a few feet off the ground, necessitating a small ladder for jumpers to climb on and off. This extra space above ground also adds extra distance for jumpers to potentially fall in the case of an accident. By placing the trampoline below the surface of your yard, this eliminates that space and makes any potential falls much shorter. 

  1. You won’t have to worry about mowing the grass or taking care of the weeds, etc. underneath it. One of the more frustrating aspects of having an above ground trampoline is taking care of the yard that is underneath it. If you have grass, the trampoline has to be moved to mow under it. Sometimes this is not feasible depending on the shape and size of your yard. Even with proper care, sometimes the grass under a trampoline can die due to lack of sufficient sunlight or water from the sprinklers, both of which can be blocked by the trampoline’s jump pad. Another annoying issue with above ground trampolines is when weeds run rampant under your trampoline. You may find yourself moving it constantly to pull or spray the weeds. Burying it in the ground avoids all these problems. 

What is really involved with an in-ground trampoline install? Is it really all that hard? It is relatively simple but will take some time and some sweat! The process includes: setting up the frame and marking the dig area, digging the hole, finishing the assembly of the framing and setting it in the hole you’ve dug, attaching the springs, then attaching the pads. The digging process is usually the most daunting, but fear not! You can do it yourself, with friends, or hire a company to do the dig out, assembly, and install of your trampoline. 

In-ground trampolines are such a nice addition to your yard, you can have all the fun of a trampoline without the eyesore of a huge metal frame taking up space in your yard. Some in-ground trampolines will come with a retaining wall bundle to make it easier for you to have all the parts you need to install it properly. Or you can purchase an in-ground trampoline retaining wall and vented pad combo to use with your existing trampoline. The install process can take a few days and usually requires hand digging or an excavator. Once you are done, your family will have enjoyment for years to come. But don’t be surprised if you suddenly have lots of new friends and neighbors who want to have parties at your house! 

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