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Why Buy Our Trampolines?

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For over 35 years, we have built our trampolines to outLAST, outSAFE and outFUN the competition. Each part of the trampoline has been designed and built to provide years of enjoyment by our customers. We back all of this up by offering a 5 year warranty on our American-Made trampolines & parts.

Cone Compressed SpringsCone-Compressed Springs Longer Life, Superior Bounce

8 Piece Galvanized Frame8 Piece Galvanized Frame Quick Setup, 5 year guarantee

Bombproof Bounce SurfaceBombproof Bounce Surface Tough-Tested Stitch & Weave

Rot Proof Frame PadRot Proof Frame Pad Moisture Proof. Self-Draining


Don’t be Fooled by Price Alone! There is a big difference in the quality of trampoline components on the market today, which greatly affect your safety and the lifespan of your trampoline. Many cheap trampolines manufactured in China have flooded the market, offering good price-point, but low quality tramps. These trampolines give us our best parts business, as most jump beds and frame pads fall apart within a year or two. Our trampolines are 100% AMERICAN MADE and come with a FULL 5 YEAR WARRANTY, which even covers normal wear & tear! Check out our trampoline comparison chart, and be sure to ask about guarantees and replacement costs on cheaper trampolines from other companies.

Compare Jump Beds The Competition's
The Construction High-grade polypropelyne jump bed. Reinforced vinyl hem, stitched w/ 9 rows of UV treated thread. V-rings are galvanized for added rust protection. Rough finish polypropelyne, stitched directly into bed without reinforcement hem. Usually only 4-5 rows of low-quality thread (no UV protection) for V-ring stitching.
Weight Limit 400 lbs. 1,000 lb. Tear strength 200 - 250 lbs
Warranty 5 years 60 days to 2 year pro-rated
Life Expectancy 12 - 20 years Restitch Necessary in 8-15 years 2 - 6 years Restitch Necessary within 2-5 years
Replacement Cost $239 $120 - $180 for original $239 for ours
Compare Frame Pads The Competition
Construction UV-treated, 22 ounce, 3-ply dacron cord reinforced vinyl for long-lasting wear. Closed cell ethatfome & polypropelyne mesh bottom to prevent moiture builup. Thin vinyl cover, urethane foam filled (open cell foam that absorbs & holds water, rots easily).
Warranty 5 years 1-2 years (many don't even last one season!)
Life Expectancy 10 - 15 years 1-2 years (many don't even last one season!)
Replacement Cost $249 $110 - $180 for original $249 for ours
Compare Springs The Competition
Construction Pre-galvanized (to prevent rust, cone -compressed springs (to prevents springs from stretching out). Straight Springs (will stretch out easily) Many are not galvanized (rust easily)
Warranty 5 years 30 days to 2 year pro-rated
Life Expectancy 10 - 30 years 2 - 10 years (Many stretch out & rust quickly!)
Replacement Cost $2.00 each $1.50 to $2.50 each
Compare Frames The Competition
Construction Rigid, 8-piece frame constructed of heavier, 13 guage steel. Galvanized inside & out to prevent rust. Machine-drilled spring holes in frame will last a lifetime. 20-25 piece frame (more focused on packaging than strength). Lighter 14-17 guage steel for frame split at ends easier. Usually not galvanized inside frame.
Warranty 5 years Variable
Life Expectancy 20+ years We have been selling these tramps for 35 years, and our customers still have the original frames! Variable
Replacement Cost $200 Must buy new tramp. Replacement frames usually not available.


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