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Safety Enclosure Net System for 12' to 14' Trampolines

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The JumpSport 280 Safety Enclosure System is a high-quality safety enclosure designed to fit many brands of trampolines from 12-14 feet in total width. It fits our 12' and 14' models sold on, but we cannot guarantee it will fit other trampolines on the market. This is available in our 14-foot ultimate package, or if you've previously purchased a trampoline from us and decided now that you'd like an enclosure, this is the one for you!
  • Enclosure only.
  • Fits most round trampolines from 12' to 14' in diameter.
  • Triple-fail-safe design is engineered to provide "back up" support systems to hold the net in place — a very important combination of safety features.
  • Top strap prevents net collapse, and is 3 to 8 times stronger than many competitors.
  • Overlapping entry means there's nothing to open or close, just slip through the overlap and you're in! 
  • Shock-absorbing ball-caps at pole tops.
  • Vinyl sleeves prevent pole foam from disintegrating in the sun.
  • Shock-absorbing padded steel poles flex on impact.
  • Imported.

Note: This enclosure is only guaranteed to fit the appropriately sized trampoline from It may not fit every trampoline brand.