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All American

9 x 15' Rectangular All American Trampoline (Optional Enclosure)

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The 9 x 15' All American Trampoline is a high-quality rectangular trampoline, 100% made in the USA and built with commercial designing. The 9 x 15' model is a smaller size that is perfect for smaller backyards. Jumpers who are involved in gymnastics often prefer rectangular trampolines since they more closely mimic their training environment. Others simply prefer a rectangular shape for their backyard layout.

This rectangle trampoline offers the greatest control and overall rebound action. For skills, this is the official shape as recognized for gymnastic training. The frame is 13 gauge, 3" diameter galvanized steel, with double support rails standing 36" high, competition 9" tapered German cross link springs, and welded loop construction. Royal blue 13" wide safety pads include loop straps on the back side of each safety pad to keep them from flapping. 6'x12' mat , 9'x15' frame. shipped in 1-3 business days by a freight carrier.

  • Brand: All American
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame size: 9 x 15', continuous welded frame
  • Jump bed: 6 x 12'
  • Spring count: 96, double tapered
  • Spring length: 9"
  • Fully galvanized 13-gauge steel frame
  • Reinforced jump bed surface, high grade UV polypropylene, 1.25" sun guard around the edge
  • Commercial grade frame pad
  • Colors: Blue, Green
  • Warranty: frame - Lifetime, mat - 3 yrs, pad - 1 yr, springs - 5 yrs

Pad Options:

-Deluxe Safety Pad 14oz UV Marine Vinyl

-R.A.D. (Rough And Durable) safety pads are 13" wide with the heavier 18oz UV Marine vinyl.

-Pro safety pads are 17" wide 18oz UV Marine vinyl. Velcro in the corners for a full coverage safety pad. Included with the pro pads are the 4 corner support springs. **Pro pads cannot be used with enclosure.**

Product Warranty

10-year warranty


1-year warranty


3-year warranty

Jump Mat

All American trampoline products carry an excellent manufacturer warranty. The trampoline frame has a 10 year manufacturer warranty, ensuring you will enjoy your trampoline for quite some time. All American springs come with a 5 year warranty. Additionally, the Jump Mat is covered with a 3 year warranty and the Pad has a 1 year warranty. All warranties are backed by All American and cover manufacturer defects. Be assured that when you purchase an All American product you are protected with an excellent warranty.

FAQs & Videos

What are the benefits of a rectangle trampoline?

Rectangle trampolines offer a longer jump bed that may be preferred by children and teens who do gymnastics, tumbling, dance or cheer. The natural shape of the rectangle trampoline provides a slightly higher performance jump as well.

Should I buy a Safety Enclosure with my trampoline?

Yes! For any above ground trampoline we absolutely recommend a Safety Enclosure, either one made by the manufacturer (ideally) or a similar aftermarket add on enclosure.

Should I buy an anchor set for my above ground trampoline?

Yes! While these trampolines are very heavy, any strong winds can turn your trampoline mat into a sail and send it flying or rolling. These anchors are easy to install and will prevent your trampoline from being ruined in a strong windstorm. Trampoline Anchor Sets

What can I do to care for my trampoline, so that it will last?

These trampolines are designed to handle the elements. However, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your trampoline. If you live in a northern climate where there is snow, we recommend you take it down in the winter (see below). Also, keep your trampoline clean. We recommend you wash the frame pad & jump bed a few times a year with a mild soap & water. After cleaning, spray the frame pad (spring cover), and the yellow vinyl outer ring of the jump bed with Formula 303®. Formula 303 is similar to Armor All®, with the exception that it contains a UV treatment. Keep your trampoline away from an open fire, and cover your trampoline during the 4th of July! One weakness ALL trampolines suffer from is hot ashes landing on the jump bed. This will burn a hole in your trampoline immediately.

It snows where I live. Should I take it down in the winter?

We recommend you remove the mat, springs and pad unless it will be used during the winter. You can keep the frame up in the winter. If you have an enclosure, you can either disassemble the entire unit, or just take down the netting, and slide the foam pads up over the poles. Leave the metal poles on, and take down everything that is not metal. The main issue with keeping a trampoline up during the winter is the weight of the snow, not the cold. A heavy, wet snow piling up on your trampoline can easily exceed 1,000 lbs, exceeding the resting tear limit of your trampoline. If you choose to keep it up in the winter, it is crucial you sweep off the snow with a broom. DO NOT USE A SNOW SHOVEL! A snow shovel will rip right through your jump bed. If the trampoline is not being used, take it down to increase the life expectancy.