Jump Ahead Scholarship Recipient Announced!

April 18, 2016

Last fall, the team at decided to find a way to “give back”.  We love trampolines, our products and of course our customers!  After many different ideas we finally decided to create a scholarship and so the Jump Ahead Scholarship was born.  We wanted to recognize a college student who was actively involved in gymnastics, cheerleading or a similar athletic program at a college or university in the US.  The chosen recipient wins $1,000 to help pay for their academic program.  In addition, to qualify applicants had to submit an essay about specific topics.  Qualified entries were then placed in a pool and the winner was chosen at random from this group.  To learn more about the scholarship:

We learned a lot in this process.  First, it’s not easy to put a scholarship together.  Secondly, it took a lot of time to get our message out there.  Thank goodness for social media!

We feel pretty fortunate because we had great participation from students across the US who submitted their applications and shared their stories with us.  We heard stories of hardship and heartbreak  of young athletes who faced major hurdles -- and overcame them.  We heard from students who shared how athletics had changed their lives and helped shape who they are today.  We were humbled by the number of students who took the time to apply for this scholarship.

We were also super excited last week to announce that Christa Patane was chosen to be the recipient of the 2016 Jump Ahead scholarship!  Christa is currently enrolled at the University of Arizona and is studying nutritional science.  She shared that athletics have always been important to her and part of her life.  She studies a lot, but she also loves to play water polo, weight train and swim.  Christa is a big fan of trampolines because of their fitness and also because they are a great place to hang out, day or night - to sleep under the stars.  She’s also a big fan of horses!   Please join us in congratulating Christa!

After seeing the participation of so many deserving students, it didn’t take long for us to decide to run another scholarship for the upcoming year.  Look for details soon!

Christa Patane - 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Christa Patane - 2016 Scholarship Recipient